Do you have an unusual property, or land suitable for glamping?

If you are looking to diversify your land, or earn a little extra income from any spare land you have, we may have the perfect solution for you with a luxury glamping abode! We are always interested in representing additional quality, unique holiday properties, and love to offer advice to those thinking of setting up a glamping or unusual type of holiday accommodation. We can make it as simple as possible for you through our facilities, being there at every step to ensure your success.

Existing Glamping Land
If you have your own glamping facilities already, but are a bit stuck on how to get the best out of your quirky creation, we are here to help, whether you need advice and consultancy, or marketing and booking service. We can represent you amongst our other thriving locations, keeping up with the latest trends and giving our customers the opportunity to have a luxury glamping adventure!

Land Diversification
The way the industry is looking currently, the demand for glamping options is constantly on the rise, with more and more destinations being requested as places that those both in and outside of the UK wish to explore. Alongside this is the increasing amount of empty land due to changes in the farming industry. If you had some spare land, would you like the opportunity to create your own glamping facilities? Well, with our expertise, we can guide you through this. From bringing new ideas to the table to helping you to execute your project successfully, we would love to help you achieve your new dreams.

Below are a few of the services we offer:

Marketing & Booking Services
If you already own a glamping accommodation or an unusual property and are looking for marketing & booking support please get in touch. We offer a competitive commission structure, and there are no fees to join our portfolio or a restrictive contract.

Advice and Consultancy
If you are considering adding glamping accommodation to your land and need a little guidance we would be happy to have a free, no-obligation chat with you about your plans. Whether you are a farmer, estate owner or landowner we can help you look at your options and see the potential in your ideas - even existing accommodation owners usually find our knowledge and experience in this unusual and growing holiday sector of great value. Even a fifteen-minute call might help focus your ideas and get you on the right path, and might even save you money!

On the other hand if you prefer an in depth appraisal, our Consultancy Service involves a personal visit to your site where we can discuss your options and plans, as well as offering recommendations and if required, a full written appraisal. This would give you an objective, professional and honest view of your land's suitability and business potential. Glamping Consultancy appointments are chargeable according to hours on site and level of advice / reportage required (reimbursed if subsequent accommodation joins our portfolio).

For further information please contact us by emailing or call 01348 830922

What We Offer

As the young sister company in the 'Quality' family group of businesses we benefit from their years of collective experience in self-catering holiday marketing and letting, as well as our own specialist knowledge of the glamping industry, quirky and off-grid holiday properties.

QU is an independent, conscientious family business, we work closely with property owners to achieve good results for them. We also keep an eye on glamping trends and domestic tourism so we can continue to offer sound advice about site and accommodation development, pricing and marketing. On the other side of things we do our best to ensure that guests get the right holiday, and our Holiday Advisors visit each accommodation so they can offer personal advice to each guest. Some might call us a bit old fashioned and we don't see that as a bad thing - along with our knowledge and experience it's why owners like to work with us!

As a booking and marketing company we can offer you, and benefit from:
The group's 50 years of experience in the self catering holiday rental market
We can accommodate website design in-house
We are experienced in taking and using only quality photography
Targeted marketing knowledge within holiday rental sector
A fully bespoke computerised booking and payment system
Superb booking office manned by experienced, helpful holiday advisors
As you can see there are several ways we can support your glamping business. Whatever the nature of your interest, please contact us to discuss your plans and options.

Many thanks, wishing you every success with your glamping plans.

Tim, Director, and the Quality Unearthed team.



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