With the fire finally burning, campers milling around the site, it is time to bring everyone together for the night. In such an atmospheric setting, how can you make the most of your evening? There are many fun options to choose from. People’s familiarity with each other, age and dispositions may affect what activities you want to do. So, we’ve created a list of fun activities to cover all bases.

Icebreakers: Two Truths and a Lie

For those spending time with a group of unacquainted people, this activity is an excellent start for the evening.

You begin by generating three statements about your life. Two of them will be the truth, and one will be a lie. Each person takes it in turns to reveal their accounts to the group. At the end of each reveal, each group member must vote which one they believe is a lie. For every wrong vote, the person confessing will earn a point. However, for every right guess, the correct voters will receive one point each. Once everyone has revealed their three statements, whoever has the most points wins!

Group of people sat around campfire in woods at night.

No Preparation Needed: Stand Up and Shout

This game can become quite chaotic, but that makes it especially hilarious. And you don’t need to prepare anything!

Begin by totalling how many people are around the campfire. All players must keep this stored in their memory. Then it is over to everyone. No one has an allocated number, and anyone can begin calling ‘number one’. The idea is to get through the numbers in numerical order, without more than one person saying a number at the same time. If this happens, you are removed from the game, resulting in a panicky atmosphere, especially during the final few numbers! Remember, when you are saying a number, you must stand up at the same time to make it extra clear!

People stood around beach fire in sunset.

If Technology is Available: What’s That Song?

This activity can only occur if there is access to a reasonably loud music player. Or a musician with a guitar. As the title suggests, a song plays, and people have to guess which song it is. Divide the group into teams for a competitive edge!

Fun Card Games: Bards Dispense Profanity

With so many traditional card games out there, we’ve gone for something a bit different. Aimed more for adults, this game is based on the same concept as Cards Against Humanity. With a hilarious Shakespearean take on it. Each card contains a quote from one of his famous plays and reveals just how mischievous his work is. One player picks a ‘prompt’ card, and everyone else must choose from their cards to fill in the sentence, with entertaining consequences. The funniest one wins!

Feeling Creative: Talent Show & Popcorn

Preparation earlier in the week, or in the day time, a talent show is a great way to get everyone together in the evening. Especially for younger campers! Choosing a play, impro or showing off other talents, everyone can be involved. Put some popcorn in a foil pouch over the campfire for the audience, and you are good to go!

Couple sat on sofa, outside, in front of campfire.f

Children’s Entertainment: Shadow Puppets

A sweet and simple way to spend some time, creating shadow puppets always makes a lovely evening! Using the shadows created from the campfire, see what you and the kids can create!

For a Thrill: Ghost Stories

A scary story should be brought up at least once when sitting amongst the woods. Maybe you already have a stock of them, or you want to brush up beforehand, be sure to get everyone to share one!

With a glass of Wine: Three Things I Couldn’t Live Without

Perhaps one for when the kids have gone to bed, grab a cup of mulled wine, and get ready to laugh. Each person writes down three things they couldn’t live without on a piece of paper. The papers are then mixed up and picked out individually. Each person who has picked a piece of writing must guess who they think jotted them down.

For the Tired: Star Gazing

A wonderfully simple idea next. After a day of fun activities, resting under the stars is tempting. It is lovely to learn about the beautiful starlit sky. Search for the Northern Star and see how many star constellations you can see. Take a book for guidance if you want to absorb as much as you can!

People sat on fence looking at starry sky.

Feeling Peckish: Snack Making

A huge part of glamping is getting creative with the food! With so many gooey ideas to roast on the campfire, take a look at 7 Top Campfire Snacks for the best!

Pan with marshmallows and biscuits.

Bonus Activity: Earn Your S’more

If you want that S’ more, you have to earn it! A lovely way to enjoy your evening as a family, doing some little tasks beforehand will trigger some giggles! Pop your ideas for S’more earning on a piece of paper, and let each member pick out at random and complete before they get to indulge!

Starry evenings spent next to the blazing fire is a must for any memorable glamping trip. For some inspiration on where to light your next campfire, take a peek at our Glamping in South Wales section for the best accommodation.

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