10 reasons why your dog will love glamping too

When heading off on holiday, we think that it is very important that the whole family can get involved, no matter how old or young, (or how many legs they have)! Which means that your four legged friends should certainly not be forgotten when planning a getaway. Avoid that sinking feeling that you get when you leave your pooch with a friend or relative and leave them for the week by bringing them with you on your glamping holiday! Here are just nine reasons why you and your dog will simply love coming along:

No greater friendship exists than that of a good dog quote

1. Exploring New Places

We know that most dogs love exploring just as much as we do as owners, and a glamping holiday gives them the perfect opportunity to roam around somewhere new, with new challenges, games and walks to be had. Your dog will love the chance to venture out of your home town and get excited at all the new smells that surround!

2. Long Walks

A glamping break is wonderful for those who love long (and short) walks, particularly as the majority of our abodes are situated in idyllic locations where the countryside is just waiting to be explored! You can enjoy the wonderful array of scenery, and your dog will be overjoyed to be able to stretch their legs amongst the beautiful scenery.

3. Let’s Go Swimming

Any dog who loves swimming will love the freedom of being able to hop in a river when the weather is hot and head for a little paddle. There are so many walks down by the sea, or that take you past flowing rivers all through the UK, so why not stop off and take a dip? You can even join the dog if you’re feeling brave – don’t forget to pack your trunks and swim suits!

4. Quality Time

Holidays are made for enjoying quality time with one another, from your family and friends to your beloved pets! The dog will love all of the extra attention they get from coming along, from cuddles and snuggles to walks and games!

5. A Match Made in Heaven

Dogs and the outdoors were simply made for each other, and the more time they get to spend in the wonders of nature, the happier they will be. Particularly so with the added perk of having their own family around them! This means that both you and your furry friend can enjoy the wonderful benefits that nature has on offer.

6. Make New Friends

When on holiday, be it at the glamping site or whilst on a lengthy walk, you’re more than likely to come across another dog or two! If your dog loves to socialise, then this is a perfect opportunity to make some new friends and play with them too. This is also good for you, as it means your dog will be kept entertained for a minute or two without them needing your attention!

7. Best of Both Worlds

Heading on holiday simply doesn’t feel right without your dog by your side, so why not save the stress of heading abroad and enjoy a luxury glamping staycation? This means that the dog can come along, you can save yourself a penny or two and also save yourself from all the stress associated with heading abroad for a holiday!

8. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Who doesn’t love to be beside the seaside? Dogs certainly do; the sandy terrain gives them a real thorough exercise, the sea gives them a chance to swim, and you can sit back and relax to the sound of the crashing waves. Everyone will be happy at the beach – but be sure to bring along a bowl and some bottled water for when you all get thirsty.

9. Lazy Evenings

Although dogs love to be energetic for part of the day, they also enjoy settling down for a nap in the evenings. A cosy evening in your glamping abode will be the perfect opportunity for you to all come together and simply relax!

10. Health Benefits

There are a plethora of health benefits to be had by both you and the dog on a glamping holiday; this ranges from an improved quality of sleep to a better quality of air and even gives your immune system a boost. Even a short-two night break could do you and your pooch a world of good, so why wouldn’t you bring your dog along on your next UK cabin holiday?

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