This isn’t something you would expect to come across when you’re out diving, but a rather surprised diver stumbled across an unbelievable 10,000-year-old pre-historic forest beneath the North Sea, a mere hour’s drive from our Norfolk glamping accommodation. What’s more is that experts are said to have estimated that it could have once stretched as far as Europe.

Lucky diver Dawn Watson, came across the extraordinary ‘Atlantis-style forest’ when she was out diving just 300 metres off the coast of Cley next the Sea, Norfolk.

She discovered several complete oak trees still with branches attached measuring eight metres long under the sea and experts are thought to believe they might well have been hidden off the coast of Norfolk since the Ice Age!

The reason why the forest has become visible again is down to the stormy weather the country experienced last winter.
Ice Age Under Water Forest | Cley next to the Sea Norfolk | Near QU Norfolk Glamping Accommodation

It’s thought that the trees could have formed part of a huge forest, incredibly measuring thousands of acres, only for the forest to be drowned when the ice caps melted and the sea level rose up 120 metres.

The fallen trees continue to give something back to our planet as they lie on the ground and have formed a natural reef, which has resulted in a thriving population of colourful fish, other wildlife and plants.

Certainly something worth checking out if you get the chance.

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