It’s a tale as old as time itself that being outdoors is good for the health, with the fresh air letting your endorphins run free, it is difficult not to be happy on an adventure outdoors in the wonderful world we live in. One of the best ways to experience the great outdoors is on a glamping holiday; take your pick of a Mongolian yurt, safari tent or even one of our treehouses! No matter what your preference, there is a glamping holiday out there for everyone! If you are thinking of embarking on a glamping adventure this summer, take a look at these 13 different ways that it could benefit your health and well-being:

girl looking at the woods on a glamping holiday in a treehouse

1. Natural beauty

The beauty of nature is undisputed, with every corner offering something new and exciting for your eyes to meet. When you plan some time to really get to know the wonders of Mother Nature, you will start to benefit more from each and every journey you take outside! The more observant you are of your surroundings, the more you will notice that there is beauty in every step.

2. Fresh air

Fresh air has been proven time and time again to benefit your body, as well as your mental health. Spending just 30 minutes outdoors a day can help to spur your body on to release the happy endorphins. Give your lungs what they want the most and get outside! The high quality of air produced in areas filled with trees and plants means that your body will benefit from the clean air, much more so than if you were in a polluted city environment!

3. Light exercise

Woman walking in the woods

A light walk through the woods, running through the leaves or rolling around on the floor with laughter, on a glamping adventure there are so many opportunities for your body to benefit from exercise, and some of them are so enjoyable that you probably won’t even notice you’ve completed your 30 minutes a day! The outdoors is like a natural playground, no matter whether you are a little kid or a big kid, so utilise this and have some fun!

4. New experiences

If you have never been glamping before, then this will be a whole new, exciting experience in itself. However, even if you have, every adventure offers so many opportunities for you to try new things, whether you try out a different walking trail or a more adrenaline inducing activity such as zorbing or zip lining!

5. Quality time

Family going for a walk

Whether you chose to embark on your outdoor break with your partner or family, this provides a perfect time for you to all engage in some quality time with one another. Without the distractions of modern life and a busy schedule, you can sit down and engage in discussions and fun family games in your glamping abode.

6. Educational

Spending time glamping outdoors can be very educational, from learning about trees and foliage to exploring parts of different cultures and areas of the UK! If you are staying in a Mongolian yurt for example, there is a whole lot of history that you can learn from to find out a little more about your humble home for the weekend whilst on your yurt holiday!

7. Natural sleeping pattern

Many forms of research have shown that those who fall into a natural sleeping pattern get a far greater quality of sleep, and there is no better way to help you ease yourself into this than during a camping or glamping trip. Try to train your body to rise with the sunrise and sleep with the sunset whilst you are away, and when you return, getting up in the morning and heading off to a slumber at night should be much easier! This can be done in as little as three nights, so a glamping trip is perfect to settle you in.

8. Stress release

The sounds of nature are some of the most relaxing ever found in the world. From running streams to rustling leaves, these sounds within the beautiful environment should help you to flush away the stresses of your daily life and can even help you to focus better when you return home.

9. New challenges

Challenging yourself to complete a new task encourages your brain to work better, and a glamping holiday offers the perfect opportunity to face your fears or try something new! If you are heading out to a UK destination, why not try some of these outdoor activities or set yourself a challenge a day, you may find this to be a very rewarding experience!

10. Food!

Part of the excitement of camping and glamping is the range of foods you get to eat. If you are staying in one of our luxury camping abodes, then you will likely have the option of some sort of kitchen facilities, whilst other places even offer a home cooked breakfast in the mornings! However, if you want to get a little more into the spirit, then toasting marshmallows over a fire, or barbequing some sausages are a real treat!

11. Mood booster

Many studies have shown that spending more time outdoors can help to reduce the chances, and even combat, signs of depression. This can boost your mental morale for up to two weeks after you return! So the benefits are not only short-term but can keep you happier for longer!

12. Vitamin D!

It is a common misconception that your body only absorbs vitamin D on sunny days. Anytime spent outdoors during the daytime, come rain or shine, clouds or clear skies, your body will be benefiting from the many powers of vitamin D, so the more you get outside, the better!

13. Weekend away

If you feel that life is starting to get the better of you, sometimes a short weekend break is all you need. With some time spent away from the things that make you feel most tense, and an opportunity to do exactly what you would like to do when you want to do it, a glamping opportunity is the perfect solution. Spend a few days in the great outdoors and it could change your perspective on a troublesome situation, or get rid of your writers block!

Most of all, the benefit of glamping is that it will fill you with joy as you embark on an exciting adventure with the ones you love, enjoy every minute as you make memories to last a lifetime.

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