Spring is about to come into full effect, and yes, it may not always be sunshine and lollipops as far as the weather is concerned, but hey, that’s what makes for part of the fun, right?

Luxury camping holidays are a fantastic way to get outdoors and enjoy some of what truly matters. But if you were, just for a moment, wondering what it is you could do with your time, here are 18 things you should, in our humble opinion, definitely do with your time!

A beautiful blooming flower near Quality Unearthed

Plant something green

Do this at home ideally and watch it grow as you nurture it.


Have a picnic

This one sounds cliché, but they’re just too good to leave out!


Jog outside

On a warm day, there’s nothing better than getting the blood pumping, you’ll feel better for it too.


Go for a stroll

Just like going for a jog, but you have time to take in your surroundings and enjoy the company you have.


Ride a bike

Simply because you can never grow out of it!


Get dirt under your fingernails

Just like you did when you were a kid playing outside, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of dirt under your nails (just remember to wash them before dinner!).


Feed the ducks at a pond

A lovely way to spend some time. And you can combine this with a number of other things on the list as well.

Skip stones across a pond

For anyone who has a competitive streak, this is the ideal time to have a little competition – who can skim the most times with one stone?


Visit the farmers market

There are so many wonderful farmers markets around these days selling amazing local fresh produce. Go on, enjoy the difference in quality!


Sit outside at a café

Something is very relaxing about chilling out watching the world go by from your seat, coffee in hand. It’ll seem that much better when you’re on holiday too!


Fly a kite

When was the last time you flew a kite? Go on, see if you still can.


Look for four-leaf clovers

They’re such tricky things to find, but you’ll be pleased with yourself once you do find them.


Jump in puddles

Something for those rainy days! It’s never a British springtime without them, so embrace it.


Pick strawberries

This goes for any other wild berries (careful you don’t pick the poisonous ones), they’re so tasty and healthy it’d be a shame to miss out.


Listen to the rain

One of the super things about being in glamping accommodation such as a yurt or safari tent is the soothing sound of the pitter-patter of the rain as it falls onto your abode as you lie there all warm and cosy; bliss!


Spot a rainbow

After the rain…


Listen to the birds singing

Just like the sound of the rain on canvas, awakening to birds singing is a treat many of us don’t get to enjoy, but glamping trips allow you to do just that.


Feel the sun on your face

Sit outside the cabin, lie on the grass, do it while exploring, the list is endless, just feel the vitamin D making things better!


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