Winter is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy nature in such a beautiful season, so why not incorporate this with an attractive seasonal craft project that the whole family can get involved with and make an Xmas wreath from foraged materials?

A foraged xmas wreath on a door near Quality Unearthed


Before you start

Before you get thing started, you want to ensure that the foraged materials you collect for your wreath are biodegradable and are able to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way once you’re ready to take it down after the festive period.

What you’ll need

  • Knife/scissors
  • Red and gold bows
  • Biodegradable string

When you think of festive-related flora holly, ivy, pine cones and conifers always come to mind, and therefore are ideal to use for decorating. Add willow or hazel shoots to make the base of your wreath, along with biodegradable string and you’re ready to get crafty! 

Sourcing materials

You are sure to find most of the materials for your wreath on a country walk, which is the perfect day out for anyone on a winter glamping trip, so keep your eyes peeled!

Putting your wreath together

The foundation

To make the base of our wreath take one of the willow or hazel shoots you find, and form a circle. Once you’ve done this, tie the ends together, but leave nice, long tails at the end of your knots as they’ll come in handy when adding more decoration. Repeat the process with a handful of other shoots and you will have yourself a strong enough foundation for the next step.

The body

Now you have a base structure you can go ahead and start building up the body of your wreath. Tie some holly all the way round, one piece at a time. This will give you a thick body of materials and will help make your wreath look very festive indeed. Just remember to be careful with the holly as it can be sharp on your fingers.


Next, for the penultimate piece of the puzzle, you need to carefully weave your fraged conifer and or ivy into the body of the wreath. Don’t worry about tying them in, just push the thick end of them in through the holly and they’ll stay put.

If, while you’re on your foraging adventure you manage to acquire some pinecones, now is the time to add them, using the biodegradable string to tie them on. Go easy to avoid pulling any of the holly berries off.

Continue to add more to your wreath until you’re satisfied that your wreath looks how you’d like it to and then you’re just one small step away from completion.

Finishing touches

Finally, tie on some red and gold bows, and add on a loop of string to the back part of your wreath. Make sure it’s securely hooked around the shoots so it can hang as pride of place wherever you see fit.


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