People unfamiliar or just generally curious about the humble yurt and its wealth of history and potential need search no longer as we can cure that curiosity right now with a information-packed article on yurts for you!

Inside Shiva yurt, one of Quality Unearthed’s glamping UK abodes.


Early evidence of the history of the yurt is difficult to find but, way before Quality Unearthed were offering yurt holidays, Bronze Age rock etchings in Siberia were found that appear to show what is thought to be yurts in use. The earliest complete yurt to be discovered was found in a 12th century grave in the North Mongolian Mountains of Khentai.

Yurts and holidays in yurts have certainly come a long way since and today we can enjoy fantastic holiday experiences when staying in the wonderful accommodation we call the yurt.

With holidays and experiences in mind we thought we would offer you some insight into just what it is like when you chose to stay in a yurt and some of the facts behind the sometimes misunderstood choice of accommodation.

Understanding the Yurt

The yurt frame is an ingenious assembly of well-made wooden components and once erected it stands more like a timber–framed building than a tent.

Weather proof: The yurt is a formidable presence whatever the weather and this goes to show after proving itself in the harsh climate of central Asia for centuries.

Warm in winter: With the yurts’ circular build and relatively low roof it is easy to heat so staying warm is never an issue when you stay in yurt during winter months.

Cool in summer: The sides of yurts can be rolled up, or removed to emit a cool breeze and some fresh air. Hot air rises out through the open tono. For those unfamiliar with what a tono is, it is the ‘crown’ or ‘ring’ at the top of a yurt that allows cool air is drawn in as well as releasing hot air.

Inconspicuous: Even though yurts provide guests with ample headroom, the overall height of the structure is low. This has a number of benefits but a major benefit is that it does not intrude on the picturesque destination the yurt has been erected.

Environmentally-friendly: Coppicing of ash, hazel and willow, in order to provide poles is good for the tree as well as the woodland wildlife. This is how yurt timber is acquired in-keeping with their eco-friendly appeal. The yurt acts as a low impact dwelling, which causes no permanent damage to the land that is stands on.

Fun! It matters not whether you are a child or an adult yurt camping is a real break from the usual holiday accommodation and provides that sense of care-free, exciting times growing up (for us at least anyway!)

What to expect from your yurt: Yurts provide a holidaying experience like no other. You get the same quality and comforts that a cottage of hotel can offer but on a more natural, relaxing level. Forget the idea that yurts are for hippies, forget everything you’ve heard about staying in a yurt and picture this-

Allow the vibrations of nature to nurse you to sleep – not sirens of the city

  • Your brain waves become more relaxed which is conducive for creative thought.
  • Light the fire and get cosy in the comfort.
  • Embrace the rain- is there anything more soothing and cosy than hearing the pitter patter of the rain on canvas outside while you’re warm and dry inside.
  • Yurts are round – just like being in a womb – they offer a nurturing experience.
  • Soft shadows from the surroundings create light patterns and curves similar to natural environments, there is pure beauty in the harmony of light vibration – like hearing a sound note in perfect pitch
  • Feel close to nature- it doesn’t get much more natural and every moment should be embraced.

Additional benefits of yurts from Quality Unearthed

  • They offer a good compromise between camping and a cottage, resolving indecision between the two options.

Stay in the UK – staycations are increasingly popular, it saves going abroad which means you have more time to enjoy your vacation as well as reduced stress levels that preparing for a trip abroad bring.

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