4 life tips to help you lead a more fulfilled life

Nobody’s perfect, right? We all have room to improve. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine but if you feel you want to make some small changes that will cause you to have a more fulfilled life then you’re on the right path. There’s nothing like a treehouse holiday or a magical glamping vacation to make you realise just what the important things in life are. Treehouse holidays take you back to your childhood and re-immerse you in memories before the trouble of being a grown up came along and ruined it all. Glamping holidays in yurts and cute hideaway huts can also capture the part of you that needed awakening too, and here are 4 life tips that could help you life a more wholesome existence: 

Tim and Sarah of glamping company Quality Unearthed

1.       Prioritise your family

A landslide of data on human social behaviour shows that family matters. Humans, like many species, have the tendency to show biased prosocial behaviour toward genetically related kin such as offspring, siblings, cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, etc. Nothing is better than some time in the slower-paced world of glamping to make you want to reconnect with loved ones. Call your parents and tell them what a great experience you’ve had. Tell your children you love them, they already know, but once more won’t hurt! Your network of relatives is a unique one, it’s unavoidable, and also a deeply important element of your life.

 2.       Never forget to love

We all know that love takes on various forms across cultures and different kinds of relationships. The universal emotional understanding of love provides the psychological and physiological glue that keeps couples together. This ‘glue’ also allows people to work as collaborators in raising children too. Love is a truly wonderful thing, and certainly a basic part of our evolved heritage. It’s vital that you ensure that you have plenty of it in your life.

 3.       Get out into nature

This is where we at Quality Unearthed can help. For more than 99% of our evolutionary history, the things we relate to in day-to-day life that play such a key role did not exist. Office buildings, cars, trains, houses, or computers were not around. Our ancestors lived in nature- and it is important the experience that. People were exposed to regular sunlight, vegetation, animals, and were able to appreciate features of the natural landscape like rivers, trees, and mountains. It is undeniable that today we spend too much time indoors and too little time out in nature- nothing a good treehouse holiday won’t fix. So when you go glamping enjoy a hike, take a run outside, and take the kids to the beach or to the countryside. There’s very little chance you are likely to regret doing any of these things.

 4.       Try to eat, exercise, and live naturally

Undeniably, one of the great insights of modern evolutionary science relates directly to our health: Our modern lifestyles are not matching to that of our ancestral conditions, which has caused a change, in rather dramatic style, to health consequences both mentally and physically. The lack of natural levels of exercise is not at the degree that is should be. Our ancestors covered miles and miles a day for generations, and without it, as we’re seeing now, it leads to such adverse physical health outcomes as obesity and heart disease. Additionally, a lack of natural foods in one’s diet similarly leads to such adverse health outcomes as Type-II diabetes and premature death. Unless you take the chance to make these elements part of your life you are like a monkey in a cage at a zoo, so it is important that we focus on the ‘simpler’ things in life.

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