Autumn has landed, it’s in full swing, and this very poignant time of year is one to be enjoyed and savoured. With the temperatures settling down a bit and the nights becoming longer, you can expect to see some changes in nature, both subtle and spectacular.


The UK has some wonderful, world-class wildlife spectacles to behold so why not check out what’s to be revelled in with our 5 fantastic changes autumn brings.

 A dewy spiders’ web with the sun shining on it near our glamping UK accommodation.


Hazy dawns

We may just have started with our favourite of the five, but that’s okay because we’re sure that you’ll agree when we say that one of the main bonuses of autumn’s increased moisture levels, the lowered temperatures, and the longer nights has got to be a stroll through a countryside setting on a pleasant misty morning. Given that so many of our abodes, including treehouse holidays UK, offer such spectacular settings, including fields, and luscious open spaces, you can indulge in an early morning excursion like something out of a Sherlock Holmes novel!


Look at all the beauty!

We often get caught up in day-to-day life, rushing around and having tunnel vision, without stopping for a moment to realise what is around us in terms of natural wonder. Stop for a moment, take a look round any hedgerow, meadow, garden or car on a cold autumn morning. One thing that you’ll more than likely be treated to is the amazing sight of an intricate spiders’ web brought to life with nature’s own highlighter, dew.


Nature’s Bounty

When autumn comes round the wildlife rejoice, and so can you! With nuts, fruits, and seeds aplenty, it’s not just the animals who can collect them in time for their hibernation. If you can get past the incredible assortment of colours, the turn of the season’s presents, there’s some spectacular bounty to be had, including blackberries, sloes (perfect for making gin), elderberries and crab apples. And we couldn’t not forget the famous acorn, a well-founded favourite for the native squirrels. And where would we be without the conker? You can reminisce days gone by as you take on the challenge of a conker competition, so don’t forget those spare shoe laces!


Change of colours

How can one not be blown away by the plethora of warming reds, golden-yellows and browns our wonderful woodland areas offer up? Keep these beautiful colours in mind when you’re anywhere near UK woodlands with beech, chestnut, and oak trees sure to visually please us all.


Welcome returns

In case you didn’t know, we’ve got some friends coming back to visit in the form of tens of millions of birds who’ve been residing in places such as Scandinavia, the Arctic and northern Europe over the summer. The UK’s milder weather is better for our avian chums and finding a bite to eat is easier here too.


Keep an eye out for thrushes, redwings, and the iconic swans, along with various duck species, and the noisy geese!


Image: Alan Watts under Creative Commons.

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