If you’re stuck on what to get a loved one for Christmas, we think you can’t do much better than a treehouse holiday. Nobody will wake up on Christmas morning and be disappointed with a sleepover amongst the treetops, David Attenborough style! However, we realise that it could be slightly weird for you to present your boss with a glamping holiday for two. Here is a list of other top gifts you could get for your fellow glamping friends!

Get someone special the glamping gift they deserve this Christmas!


For someone special, who perhaps likes to think of themselves as Gordon Ramsey of nature, treat them to this ultimate outdoor cooking machine. Long gone are the mugshots and cup-a-soups of the camping community, this is glamping, so settle for nothing less than pizza or a gourmet BBQ. The device also contains a water heater, so cups of tea, hot chocolate and coffee will literally be on tap for their next glamping holiday. Aquafurno’s latest model can be assembled in under two minutes, and is conveniently sized to fit into the smallest of cars.

A waterproof power bank

Sure you’re off into the wild, full of excitement for the nature and wilderness that awaits. But we’re sure your digital detox won’t last long, and you’ll soon be reaching for your phone to post a few unreal sunsets on your Instagram for all your envious friends and family. This waterproof power bank is extremely robust, so can face all the elements the outside world might throw at you. Perfect for extreme activity fans who like to document their experiences!

North Face slippers

Forget the damp shoes from earlier adventures, these down-filled slippers are perfect for night-time dashes around your glamping site. This pair is surprisingly robust against the classic toll of camping wear and tear, as well as being water-resistant to tackle dew. Your recipient will be able to enjoy sun rises and breakfast from outside their accommodation, without the over-bearing concern for getting damp feet. Let’s face it, damp feet can be the pitfall of any holiday.

Scrubba wash bag

For many glampers, packing lightly is all part of the experience. Gift someone who deserves it with what is effectively the world’s smallest washing machine, which is quick and easy to use and contains internal nodules that can efficiently clean clothes in minutes. This neat device weighs less than 145 grams, a lot more realistic than bringing your beloved machine with you and more cost-effective than checking out the local dry cleaners. Granted, it won’t provide the ‘wow’ factor present (unless the recipient is a genuine clothes-washing enthusiast), but they will be forever grateful once it is put to use.

Mystical fire

Finally, brighten up someone’s holiday with some mystical fire powder that will change the orange of your fire to display an array of vibrant colours. Fantastic for children and adults alike, this gift is great to give in the winter, as those with wood-fires can also try it at home before they take it on holiday. This incredible powder will dazzle and amaze the users, and create memories they can treasure forever.

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