If you are expecting a new arrival to the family, then you will understand the stresses that come with the months leading up to the birth of your baby. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with this, most couples will express the same feelings if you ask them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to alleviate them- and glamping is one of those great remedies which makes for a superb babymoon.

 A pregnant mother sharing a moment outside safari glamping tents at Quality Unearthed

Leave nursery planning and maternity talk behind for a few days and fully immerse yourself in the experience of being together as a family. Slow down, relax, realise the magic of what you are experiencing and enjoy.


Take a look at our key pointers to enjoying the ideal glamping babymoon:



With your feet undoubtedly swelling due to the pregnancy, therefore increasing the risk of DVT, you should most certainly aim to opt for short haul destinations as opposed to hopping on a flight (depending on how far gone you are of course) and going abroad. Just consider how good the lack of travel will be in terms of preserving your comfort during travel.


Plan Ahead

You will need to plan your holiday slightly differently when you are on a babymoon. It is advised that you plan around your pregnancy instead of when the weather is likely to be more favourable. In all honesty there isn’t really a bad time to go glamping. If the weather is good, then you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and surroundings.


If the weather is slightly less favourable then you can embrace the soothing sound of the rain on your glamping abode that is sure to relax you, not to mention make you feel all cosy knowing you’re safely tucked inside. As far as the pregnancy is concerned, the optimum time to head off is during your second trimester when you’re unlikely to feel so nauseous and more energised without too much of a little person to carry.


Food for Thought

Thinking about food is probably something you will have done a lot of recently but this doesn’t mean you have to stop, in fact, if you are going glamping in the UK then you don’t need to worry about eating foods which might be a no-no. Local farms and pubs near to your accommodation mean you can experience some local foods and not concern yourself with dietary requirements. Additionally, you may come across a craving you hadn’t been able to get your hands on before- wouldn’t that just be lovely?!


Trying Something New

Why not use a glamping holiday as an opportunity to try something new? If you live in the city and want to enjoy the pleasantries of the countryside or perhaps you’ve just never got to give glamping a try- this is the ideal time before your hands are full with more important new additions to the family. Some locations will have spa facilities in the vicinity, so why not pamper yourself that one step further?


Think About You

You are sure to have noticed but just to reinforce the fact, your body has changed, and will continue to change while you are with your child. Don’t go planning to arrive at your destination and lace up the hiking boots for a 3 hour walk in the countryside.  Even if it does look enticing, the fact that you are going tire at a quicker rate will soon put a stop to your rambling. By all means enjoy the surroundings, but we advise that you anticipate for plenty of stops, maybe schedule in a stop at a pub or restaurant for some lunch so you know you aren’t going to be left hungry while you are out and about. The fresh air and tranquillity is sure to relax you but fretting about getting some food will certainly counteract that.


Your skin may now be more sensitive to sunlight, so choosing a staycation where you know you can predict the weather slightly more is something that can be noteworthy. Ultimately this is your time with your loved ones, so enjoy every second, whether that be in one of our  glamping safari tents, yurts, or any other of our carefully selected abodes.


Image: Øyvind Holmstad under Creative Commons.

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