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6 glamping travel tips you’ll love

We have some fantastic travel tips that are perfect to use for glamping trips or before you embark on a delightful time away on treehouse holidays UK. Some are more obvious than others but we’re sure you’ll wonder how you never thought of these ideas for yourself once you see them.
Packing For A Glamping HolidayHere’s to making life that little easier!

1.      Rolled clothing takes up less space than folded clothing

 Rolling Up Your Clothes Saves Space When Packing- Glamping Trips Made Easy

This is not a ground-breaking life hack, it’s more one for the guys who don’t normally pack their own bag and want to help this time round!

2.      Put your phone in a cup for instant speakers

Mobile Phone In A Cup- Instant Speakers- Glamping Tips 

If you want to relax in the sun or prepare some lunch with some light-hearted tunes but your phone just isn’t loud enough for those bits you just love to sing just pop your phone in an empty cup or mug for instant speakers.

3.      Pack your dirty shoes in a shower cap

 Trainers In A Shower Cap-  Glamping Tips

If you’ve been exploring the local countryside or playing with the kids and made a mess of your shoes then simply  pop them in a shower cap to keep the rest of your belongings muck free.

4.      Use a button to keep your earrings together

 Using A Button To Keep Earrings Together- Travel Tips- Glamping Made Easy

This is something that is so simple yet how many people have actually thought of it? Not me until now! Never will you be without a pair of your favourite earrings again with this little tip.

5.      To avoid tangling, thread a straw with your delicate necklaces

 Straw On A Necklace- Life Hacks- Glamping Travel Tips

Another super idea if you want to avoid your necklaces getting all tangled up in your bag. Thread a straw though and enjoy being stress free while on your holiday.

6.      Contact lens containers are great for storing cosmetics

 Contact Lens Containers- Ideal For Storing Cosmetics-  Glamping Tips

This tip doesn’t just work for cosmetics. You can use this idea for whatever you like but if you are planning on an evening at a local restaurant or pub and you would like to touch up with a little bit of make-up then containers for contacts just saved you room in your bag for other essentials.

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