You can be heading off on a day trip, a long weekend break, on one of our week-long yurt holidays, or embarking a month of travelling Asia as a family; it can always be tricky for children to get excited. Most of the time this isn’t the case, but what if it is?

When it comes to travelling as a family, these are sure to be some memory-making moments that will last a lifetime, so having all of the family onboard with what’s to come is always a good thing.

With 13th May marking National Children’s Day in the UK, we’ve put together a handful of useful pointers that can help make your trip one that the whole family looks forward to…

1. Show How Traveling Can be Fun

A young girl enjoying on a glamping UK holiday

Regardless of age, travelling for long periods of time never appeals to anyone, and this is why a staycation adventure is often a great way to introduce travelling to children.

You don’t have to travel far to find a beautiful location, and often by taking small steps, this will ease nerves or uncertainty about what’s to come. For children who’ve travelled before and aren’t keen on the commutes, try filling a bag with treats and such, then let them pull something new out after every 30-minutes or so to keep them entertained. You can adjust the time depending on your travel time.

2.Itinerary Assistance

A UK glamping bucket list

You’ll probably have in mind some things that you want to get out and do while you’re away, but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t have a list to hand as well.

For younger members of the family, you might want to let them be in charge of the list totally or give them a chance to put a few things down that they want to do. Most children are able to search on Google these days, so let them do their thing and see what they come up with; they might even think of something you hadn’t!

3. Sharing is Caring

A young boy with a paper heart on a glamping UK break

Just like inviting a guest to a wedding, if you are going on holiday something like a special invite to your children could make them feel really excited about the trip.

If you’re going glamping, then a nature-themed invite is a nice idea to get them thinking about the outdoors and being closer to nature.

If you fancy pulling out all the stops, then why not figure out a scavenger hunt with clues that are all related to your trip?

4. Make an Advent-ure Calendar

Close up of a confetti explosionThe clue’s in the name here, but just like the advent calendars lots of people buy around the festive period, you can adapt the idea and make an advent-ure calendar for the little ones.

Give the children a bright and colourful visual representation of a countdown to the day you’re going. You can make it out of materials that can be easily torn off, or you can put in clues as to where you are going if it’s a surprise. The choice is yours, but make it fun!

5.   Where Are We Going?

A family glamping yurt at Quality Unearthed

Transform your travels into a chance to do some fun learning. Heading off to somewhere new? Show the kids on Google Maps where they are going, and then provide them with lots of interesting facts that will get them excited about visiting.

This could be a great time to buy or make a map to pin markers on the places you have/want to go and visit as a family. This is an engaging way for children to become more enthusiastic about travel in general.

6.   Keep Kids in the Loop

A little girl taking a photo in a field near Quality Unearthed

Children are super-inquisitive, so the more information that you provide them with, the better. Prime examples of this are:

  • How long travel takes
  • What foods originate from where your holiday destination is
  • Fun facts about the place you’re visiting
  • Why you want them to visit this destination
  • Wildlife they can spot
  • Exciting things they can do

It’s worth filling them in on any elements of the holiday that might break the norm. So, if you are staying in a treehouse or yurt, you can let them know how enjoyable that will be!

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