The summer is the prime time to get out and enjoy the wonders of nature that surround us. With the sunny weather, and abundance of free time due to the school summer holidays, we’ve come up with some exciting ways that you can fuel your kids love for nature:

-Let Nature be your teacher-

Photography Sessions

Giving the children a chance to create something of their very own fills them with excitement, and the independence of having your own camera is a big deal when you’re a child. This doesn’t have to be anything too fancy; you can opt for a cheap disposable camera, in instant Polaroid option or a digital device, whichever takes your fancy. The first two options are particularly nice because there is so much excitement generated whilst waiting for the photographs to develop. You can then use these photographs in many ways, from creating a garland in the house to building a scrapbook of the summer holidays! Be sure to head out as often as you can with the kids and their cameras, and encourage them to take snaps of the unique things they find in nature!

Build a Fairy House

For most, building a fairy house was a childhood dream, and this magical experience can really help to bring nature to life. Task the children to build their very own fairy house, and be sure to get involved yourself too. Try to utilise as many natural products as you can, and don’t damage any life plants or trees, instead try to work with things that have already fallen such as twigs and leaves. This really helps to get their imagination going, by creating a teeny tiny pillow or blanket from a leaf and creating a home for the magical fairies! If you don’t have a garden, then you can easily do this in a local park or woodland, and if the kids want to bring it home at the end, large plastic planting trays can be helpful as a building base!

Sleeping in the Great Outdoors

Heading out on a great camping (or glamping) adventure is a fantastic way to help the kids engage with the great outdoors. You can cook on a campfire; head out on long walks and gaze at the stars before going to sleep for a truly magical experience. If you have a large garden, you could event pitch up a tent there for the whole summer, then they have the option to camp out whenever they fancy! Our glamping UK holidays are perfect for families, located in beautiful surroundings with plenty of natural beauty to keep the kids excited, plus the extra element of luxury means that you will enjoy the experience just as much as they will! Take your pick from Mongolian yurts and eco-pods to magnificent treehouses and safari tents!

Nature Art

Making the most of the natural resources on offer, nature art is a perfect activity all year around! You can do bark rubbings which can then be turned into gift wrap and handmade cards, or leaf pictures of the animals that have been spotted on your family adventures, or use fruits, vegetables and other natural things as a paint brush creating prints and patterns! In warm weather this can be done outside, and in the rain inside. Another activity that is perfect for the rainy days is to put splodges of paint on a sheet of paper or card, then hang it out in the rain to create a unique and abstract piece of art.

Kids guide to… birds, bugs and plants

Giving your children a challenge can help their brains to perform to the best of their ability, and learning new skills has been proven to be easier as a youngster. Why not fuel their love of nature by getting them to learn more about a topic? This could be birds where they head out bird watching and create their own birdfeeders; stargazing, where they can learn of all the constellations and planets; or learn about plants and flowers, finding the defining factors that differentiate one species from another, with this you can also include flower pressing and plenty of nature art! Is good to give children a project during the summer to keep them entertained, and these are just a few ideas that we think they might love!


Geocaching is a fantastic way to get the kids out and about on an adventure with something to keep their interests up all the way through. The GPS phone app allows you to seek out hidden treasures all over the world; there are individually hidden caches as well as plenty of lengthy trails that will keep you out all day! This can help you to discover many hidden gems that you simply wouldn’t have known about otherwise, perfect for holidays and as an activity for your local area. Sometimes you’ll find a 35mm film case with a simple diary sheet to sign, and others have toys and trinkets that you can swap out (as long as you replace them with something of your own!) This means that each find is uniquely exciting and will have you hunting around in nature for hours of fun!

These are just a few of the fantastic things that you can do in nature, let us know if you have any other ideas!

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