Glamping yurts are a wonderful chance for people to enjoy a vacation that brings you closer to purity and nature. When it comes to glamping Glastonbury is a popular place given the links with the icon festival which takes place there.

The baobab tree- Inspirational Nature- GlampingWe are always on the lookout for inspirational ideas and they don’t come much more impressive than this! The baobab tree, otherwise known as an adansonia, is an impressively large type of tree that is native to parts of Africa and surrounding areas.

The baobab tree- Inspirational Nature- Glamping

This particular tree- the Sunland Baobab- is one of the most famous baobab trees (and there is something simply amazing hiding inside it). It’s located in South Africa in the Limpopo Province and is recognised for being one of the biggest and oldest baobabs. It was claimed that it’s so big across, you could fit a bar inside.… And that’s exactly what someone did.

The baobab tree- Inspirational Nature- Glamping

The tree/bar has a limited capacity of only 15 people at any one time so be prepared to queue up.  However, the diameter of the tree almost reaches a staggering 35 feet across, and it would take a lot more than 15 people just to encircle the tree! 

The baobab tree- Inspirational Nature- Glamping

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