The word mindfulness has appeared more and more in our day to day vocabulary. With a recent emphasis on it, mindfulness may feel like a seemingly new idea. However, it originates around 2,500 years ago and connected to Buddhism. It is thought the concept of mindfulness appeals to us because it is something we do naturally. Nevertheless, when life’s stresses are bearing down on us, the ability to comprehend our thoughts effectively dwindles. Mindfulness is not so much trying to create a ‘new’ version of ourselves, but more a way to work with what we have and sufficiently manage what we feel. It advises that emotions, good or bad, are not permanent and will pass through the mind temporarily.

Podcasts are ever more popular, and you can now access podcasts on most subjects. Instead of reading and researching about mindfulness yourself, you can now literally hear an expert’s view and advice on it. The beauty of a podcast is that it can be accessed anywhere at any time, as long as you have your device and internet access or pre-download content. We have selected the most useful podcasts on mindfulness for you to explore. A range of self-help programs, personal stories and general discussion, there is plenty to delve into on the subject.

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Mindfulness in 8 Weeks: 20 Minutes a Day Program

As the title suggests, this is a step-by-step guide to introduce mindfulness into your daily life gently. Broken down into sections, you can try breathing techniques in short five to 20-minute bursts. You are guided softly by the narrator on breathing calming and how to take note of your body. If you are looking for a gentle nudge and little commitment, this is an ideal podcast.

Meditation Minis

This podcast is lead by Chel Hamilton. It is an accumulation of 15-minute podcasts to help you meditate. It focuses on managing feelings of stress and anxiety. It is a tool to use when feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions. The goal is to finish the program with an improvement in confidence.

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Happy Place

With a prime focus on mental health, this podcast discusses the journeys of self- reflection and spiritual well-being of individuals. Fearne Cotton hosts the podcast, and many conversations take place with performance artists and entertainment celebrities. The openness in discussing their personal stories is encouraging, and the podcast is insightful in using it to help your circumstances.


This podcast is a positive avenue for story sharing. The guests that appear discuss how accommodating mindfulness into their lives have positively improved them. It covers a wide range of people from different occupations and life experiences. It is refreshing to hear the different angles of mindfulness in diverse situations and encourages you to give it a go. It is regularly updated each Tuesday and is an insightful addition to your week.

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10% Happier

You may have heard of the American ABC news presenter, Dan Harris, who had a panic attack live on TV. He went on to hone the skill of meditating and has since created this insightful podcast. Initially, a book he wrote, 10% Happier, he explores the reality of balancing a healthy, happy lifestyle alongside achieving high ambitions.

How to Tame Negative Thoughts

The focus on this podcast is to learn about and practice gratitude. Presented by Tom Gilovich and Shai Davidai, both university professors. They explore the concept that if we noticed the aspects of our lives we usually overlook, maybe we would live a more fulfilled life.

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Crappy to Happy

An uplifting podcast designed to target those who feel they are not succeeding how they want to in life. It explores the reasons behind such feelings of failure and aims to guide listeners into a ‘can do’ mindset. Lead by two hosts, Tiff Hal and Cass; they converse with a contagious humour which keeps you hooked.

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