In Great Britain, roughly four fifths of the UK population reside in cities and towns. The country life you will experience when you enjoy one of our glamping breaks and yurt holidays is renowned for being unrivalled, so if you are considering going on a trip to the country and you’re wondering why people harp on about why it is such a good idea, we can help you understand more.

Here are 7 reasons why a break away to the countryside is so appealing:

Stay in a treehouse this summer and see forest views like this

Get the privacy and tranquillity your break deserves

Cities and towns, packed with people, know the scenario? We all know that it’s almost unavoidable to step outside without being seen, or seeing other people. Whether you know them or not, this can be frustrating at times. Additionally, most cities, especially the main ones, never sleep. In the country, you’ll get to experience quite the opposite. You can forget the idea of having a lack of privacy or constant noise from the traffic and noise pollution. With many of our glamping abodes you don’t have to see anyone if you don’t fancy it, it’s just you and your loved ones. Pure privacy. Utter tranquillity.

Gaze into picturesque open space

It’s a widely known fact that city dwellers will notoriously suffer a lack of open spaces to indulge in, and children play computer games with less outdoor play as a result. Take yourself off to a glamping destination in the country and you’ll be presented with so much lush, open space, you won’t quite know what to do with it! You could play with a ball, learn to ride a bicycle or simply have some fun outdoors. In the country, children have as much space as they want and do not have to share it with tens of other children, like this is the case in most city parks and playgrounds.

Become closer to nature

In the country, you are woken up by the singing of the birds rather than by the noise from the traffic. Homes in the countryside are surrounded by nature which has a soothing effect on both the mind and the body. In the country, you do not have to leave your home to feel closer to nature because here, the nature comes to you and it is quite common to see wildlife such as birds, butterflies, hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits and even deer from your backyard.

Ability to produce your own food

In the country, you can easily grow enough fruits and vegetables for your own consumption- this is where you can benefit from enjoying what the farmer’s market has to offer!

Fresh, clean air

Due to virtual absence of cars and factories, you will not be inhaling any potentially toxic fumes in the country. Clean air is without a doubt one of the main advantages of country life over city dwelling.

Friendlier people

In the countryside, everyone knows everyone and almost all people actually say ‘hello’. Communities in the country are much smaller but they are more connected and open. People in the country are really friendly and are prepared to help without asking anything in return, something you will get a sense of while glamping in the country.

Slow pace

Time runs more slowly in the country which takes away a great deal of stress that the city life brings. If you tend to always be in a hurry to be somewhere or do something, just forget it, it can wait, you’re on holiday now, and this is YOUR time- enjoy it!

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