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7 things you won’t need to bring on a glamping holiday

You’ll often find features and lists in google searches of things you will need to take on a glamping trip. However, when you are booking a luxury camping vacation, tree house holiday or yurt trip with Quality Unearthed you are certain to have almost any self-respecting glamper could want or need to enjoy your relaxing time away.

So after seeing these lists we thought we’d give you the top 7 things you definitely will not need to concern yourself with packing when you embark on your luxury camping experience.

 I Have Too Much Stuff- GlampingSleeping bag

You won’t need a sleeping bag when as all of the accommodation we offer comes fully furnished.

Pocket Shower

Nope, no need to worry about that one, washing facilities come as standard.


This may sound stupid but just to clarify no, you definitely won’t need a tent when you go glamping with us.

Portable coffee maker

Some of our accommodation has the facilities for coffee making but why not try a few days without the caffeine hit and get your morning kick from the view and the gentle singing of the birds in the trees?

Camping stove

Save this one for another time. There’s all the cooking facilities you’ll need at the destination you have booked.

A mallet

There’s no need to have the mallet at the ready, all the building has been catered for as part of your booking.

Air pump

This isn’t any camping trip- no airbeds or any of the malarkey so you won’t need this one as there’s nothing for you to pump up.

Okay so the list could go on for a while but we think that we have covered the major things that people might consider packing when they are getting ready for a glamping trip. The beauty of a luxury camping holiday is in the name really- luxury. You only have to look at the images of the various accommodation we offer to know that you have nothing to concern yourself with other than enjoying your time away with loved ones.

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