For many, one of the best things about glamping is that you can take a moment to sit back in front of the fire, enjoying the company of family and friends, with the stresses of real-life right where they belong – a million miles away. Whether you opt for campfire games into the night or one of your party has a musical talent and you’re singing the classics as loud as your lungs will allow, time in-front of the warm, atmospheric flames is certainly time well-spent. That said, no fireside evening under the stars is quite complete without the tasty treats, snacks and drinks that go with it. We’ve created a list with some of our favourite, fireside delights, with some being family-friendly and others adult-only, so feel free to select your chosen recipes according to the people in your party!


An undeniable classic that is perhaps the first that comes to mind when you think about snacking by the fire pit, marshmallows are nostalgic for many and no glamping holiday is quite complete without them. The more prepared amongst us may bring skewers, but part of the fun is finding a suitable stick in the area around you and sticking the marshmallow on the end of that, before toasting to taste.

Marshmallow toasting on fire


Again, marshmallow-based, but this time with a twist thanks to our friends over the pond. S’mores can be created by taking sweet crackers or rich tea biscuits with a small piece of chocolate in between and adding a roasted marshmallow to create sheer perfection. Things can get a little messy, so younger children may need help assembling such a creation, but these fabulous snacks are aptly named given that you’re bound to want more!


Beer Pancake

Whether its breakfast, lunch, dinner or a mid-afternoon snacks, pancakes taste even nicer when they are cooked on an open fire – and when you substitute water for beer! Take an instant or pre-made mix and replace adding the water with adding the same amount of beer for the ideal texture and sourdough taste. Clearly this recipe is primarily for over-eighteens, although simply cook the kids pancakes using the water suggested with half the pack before trying out the beer substitute.

Beer pancakes


Chocolate Bananas

A healthy snack with a twist, split the skin of your banana so that there is an opening on one side; enough to slide as many squares of chocolate inside as required. Poke the prongs, or any other kind of roasting device, through the banana so that the opening is facing upwards and ensure the chocolate doesn’t fall out. Sit back, with a steady hand and relax while the chocolate melts all over your banana and is caught within the skin to avoid any unwelcomed wastage. The result? A warming chocolate banana that helps you to convince yourself you haven’t broken that diet too much. It is a fruit after all and one of your five-a-day, although that’s not to say we recommend five in one sitting!

Chocolate bananas cooked on an open fire


Cheese Toastie

Why opt for a plain old sandwich when you can use nature’s quickest and most effective oven to make a cheese toastie that rivals those of George Foreman himself? Make the sandwiches as you would normally do so, but before you take a bit, wrap it in foil and place it towards the top of the flames, ensuring the foil does not catch alight. Add any toppings you see fit and enjoy every bite of melted goodness as it warms you from the inside out.

Cheese toastie



While in keeping with the theme of cheese, nachos make for an easy fire-side treat that keep hungry belly’s at bay, whether it be for a main meal or a well-deserved snack after a long hike. Bring crisps and grated cheese, alongside anything else you may want to add including peppers, chilli, pickles, or onions. It’s best to stick to veggie dishes on this occasion, as cooking meat on campfires is ill-advised. Pop it in a fireproof pot and place it safely atop the fire until you are left with piping hot nachos that can be served with jarred guacamole, salsa and sour cream for authenticity.



Mulled Wine

If you think mulled wine is just for Christmas time then think again, for this warming beverage is perfect for cold-weather glamping, providing a sensation for the taste buds while giving you something to keep your hands warm as you look up at the stars above. A few bottles of red wine, cinnamon, cloves, orange segments and a bit of sugar should do the trick and can simmer away on top of the fire in a suitable pot until your taste tests determine it to be ready to serve. Again, this is more of an adult-only recipe, but families can try something similar with squash to make the children feel involved.


That concludes our guide to just seven of our favourite snacks to enjoy whilst sat beside the fire during your next glamping getaway. Those lucky enough to be glamping with a hot tub can indulge on these tasty treats before warming up in the tub with the rest of the red wine and some of the leftover chocolate for a romantic evening like no other. Check out our recent blog post where you can read more about Our Favourite Glamping Luxuries. Equally, families can listen to one or two classic campfire stories before retiring to their cosy glamping abode for bed, ready to do it all over again tomorrow!



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