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Not so long ago, we wrote a feature on winter proposals, and now that winter is in full swing, you may well be using our pointers to put your grand gesture into full effect! A Christmas proposal can sometimes be seen as a bit cliché, but here at Quality Unearthed, we think that this all depends on the how you go about the proposal. The Eiffel Tower? Rings in desserts? Forget those overused ideas and take a little trip with us to discover some amazing locations that will make saying yes the only option for your soulmate!

Christmas glamping UK locations really are something that will help to make your moment as magical and memorable as you’ve envisioned for the both of you. We’ve picked out some different reasons why we think a luxury camping trip will wow the socks off of your loved one. Take a look and see…



a couple holding hands at Quality Unearthed

We’ve all seen the Instagram posts of a happy couple in a busy location surrounded by strangers, inadvertently sharing one of the most wonderful moments in two people’s lives. Do you really want to take the same option? When you book a glamping trip for the two of you, you’re not only proving that you like to go the extra mile for the one true love in your life, you are showing that this moment needs to be as special as they are to you.

Glamping locations are well-known for their exclusivity, and you are sure to have a spectacular and private setting to add to the event. And once you’re engaged, you can enjoy the cosy abode in each other’s company even more!

A Holiday

A new bride enjoying a break with Quality Unearthed

Engagements are not to be savoured just for the time you are there and then forgotten. You’ve just got engaged in the perfect place for the two of you – Jacob’s Folly in Norfolk comes to mind – and now you have a unique place to go back to on holiday and relive your moment every anniversary. You will have a special relationship with the place ‘it happened’, and what better excuse is there to book a holiday?


Experience More

A hamper package at Quality Unearthed

This amazing time in your life can feel like a fairy tale when you indulge in the added experiences that glamping offers. From wood-burning stoves like those in the Shepherds Hut in Cornwall or the gorgeous bathtubs and relaxing hot tubs to toast your moment like the ones at the Riverside Lodge in Hereford.


Location, Location, Location

A couple enjoying a romantic view with Quality Unearthed 

The thing about luxury camping breaks is that they give you some extra options when it comes to the actual location you want to pop the question. What’s more, going in winter means that there’s the possibility of snow or, at the least, a mesmerising view. What better place to propose than at the end of the casual stroll, holding hands and taking in the setting? It’s symbolic of your journey, and chances are, the view at the end is sure to be sensational!

Glamping and exclusively unique holidays away from the city are becoming so popular that we are continually striving to bring together more eclectic, hand-picked accommodation and locations for you to enjoy a break in. We want you to feel as though each one of our abodes has something quite special to offer – perhaps a view, location or the character, for example. We truly hope that you can experience the love that our properties have to share with you.

So, if you are now thinking ‘all I want for Christmas is a yes’, we most definitely have you covered! Why not get in touch with us today and let us help you find the perfect accommodation for the big question?

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