Staycation is the hottest trend in UK travel right now. Gone are the days and stigma of Butlins summer camps and in are the alternative, reliable and family-friendly holiday options across the whole of the country. From glamping UK breaks to log-cabins to treehouses to yurts, there are plenty of family-friendly options that provide a super-fun holiday experience for all the family.

girl from family enjoys glamping uk holiday.

Why are people opting for staycations?

Staycations proved a popular option for 2016, and nothing is changing this year! Families of Britain were witness to an average price increase of £245 for a family holiday abroad for four, despite the economic difficulties faced considering the falling pound. Staycations offered a cheaper solution, that allowed families to reap all the benefits of a holiday including quality time, good weather and a host of activities.

An increasing amount of breaches in travel firms’ terms and conditions also steered families off wanting to holiday abroad, according to Citizens Advice. Problems that occurred included booking customers onto flights that were not available or changing people’s holidays without giving them the opportunity to cancel.

Why is glamping popular with families?

The outdoor hospitality, despite downward trends for several industries, has seen an increase in sales according to reports by IBIS Worldwide. Perhaps glamping contributed to this increase because it provides families with a fun holiday alternative that allows them to experience the good weather of seaside destinations like Wales and the south west, get closer to nature and try something a little bit different.

A relatively cheaper option, families also benefit from shorter travel times and less stress from packing up the whole family and getting them through the boarding process!

There has been an increased interest in yurt and eco-pod accommodation according to reports by the Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. Perhaps, because it is such an alternative and interesting experience for all involved.

What glamping options can my family try?


Yurt accommodation.

A yurt is a grand tent, supported by a wooden frame and covered with felt or skins. Yurts are a particularly interesting option for families who want to ensure they spend some quality time together. Consisting of one space, you will get all the excitement and connection of a camping experience but in a more luxurious and comfortable setting, and every morning you get to open the yurt door to a magnificent view!


Eco-pod holiday options for family holidays.

Want to experience something quirky? Then eco-pods are your best bet! Providing a warm and cosy accommodation option for small families, eco-pods allow you to glamp with all the mod-cons (so you can keep the tech-lovers of the family happy).


View of a treehouse.

Nothing beats the views from a treehouse! Connect with your inner child and book a family holiday everyone can get excited about. From your vantage point, you will be able to spot a wealth of wildlife. Treehouses are a particularly amazing option for families with younger children.

Safari tents

Safari tent in the evening.

Adding a touch of class to your average camping, safari tents offer your family a whole deal of room. You will swap the cold hard floor you experience with camping for comfortable beds! Getting all the benefits of the outdoor camping experience, with none of the cons!

If you’re looking for a fun-filled family holiday this summer, but do not want to travel too far afield, be sure to check out the locations of our glamping accommodations.


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