Amazing (small) Spaces -

amazing (small) spaces

I have always loved ‘compact and bijou’ accommodation, be it a caravan, camper van or cosy cottage (which is just as well as I live in one). The fascination possibly started with my rather well appointed ‘Wendy House’ (I can still smell the canvas) and perpetuated by my makeshift tree-house amidst the huge willow tree in the garden. However these days it is not just the doll’s house ‘cute factor’ that appeals, what now fascinates me about little abodes and spaces is intelligent design. So inspired by the TV series “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces“, I thought I would write this month’s blog about them.

‘Marilyn’s’ glamorous interior

It is relatively easy to create comfort and convenience on a large scale, but on a smaller scale one has to think things through a little, be creative and make the most use of the space to hand. This is also one of the things I love about our glamping structures, whether vintage or new, thought and care has gone into how they are laid out and how they will be most convenient to use – and therefore comfortable for a holiday.

Glamping structures such as The Cwtch create quite a challenge, but fair play to the owner Bethan who has created a light, welcoming and comfortable abode in something not much bigger than a 6 berth tent! Little touches like the small bookshelf over the bed, the vintage cupboard housing games / practical items and ingenious lighting make this a truly cosy, easy to use glamping holiday space. Clever stuff.

a cosy nest for naps and reading

The captain’s bed in the Cwtch eco-cabin

In one of his TV programmes, George takes a look at some traditional bow-top Gypsy Wagons and surely these evokative little structures have to represent one of the most impressive uses of small living spaces. Having had the pleasure of staying in our 1920’s Showman’s Wagon a few weeks ago I was blown away with the stylish and decorative use of limited square footage!

1920's Showman's Wagon

maximum use of minumum square footage, a vintage Showman’s Wagon

No corner or space has been overlooked in the Wagon, a cupboard squeezed in here, a drawer there – and all so beautifully finished. Evens so, I did wonder where the Showman might keep his collection of shoes & accessories, but then he might not have had as many as I do……

1920's Circus Master trailer Wagon

wood panelled interior and storage galore in this vintage Showman’s Wagon

On a slightly larger scale the Bensfield Treehouse also makes the most of space and indeed a curious shape – it is circular, so the kitchen and bathroom had to be worked into that without compromising the nature and beauty of the structure. And most importantly of course the design needs to facilitate convenience and comfort – important factors when the structure is to be used for holidays where we want to relax and take time-out from busy lives and schedules.

interior of holiday Treehouse

good design and comfort make the perfect glamping holiday venue

And I think this is why I love well thought-out, small abodes, be they someone’s once portable home, weekend retreat or quirky holiday properties – they are the ideal marriage of design, fun and funtion. Yes they are unusual, but ideally they are also intelligent and comfortable spaces, making them easy to use and a joy to be in… just like my ‘Wendy House’!








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