The business connected with Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, a TV programme in the United States, has been fined $5,000 (£3295.47) for constructing a tree house in Oregon, North West America, without a contractor’s license.

The Treehouse Masters team standing in front of their luxury treehouse

The state Construction Contractors Board in Oregon became aware of the illegal building following a tree house construction project being aired on the show.

The show features Pete Nelson, who works for a treehouse supply company in Washington, traveling the country helping to build sumptuous tree houses with electricity and plumbing. Sounds just like our luxury treehouse holidays (UK based). Our accommodation has all the official permits and documentation, though.

The reason that the company incurred this fine of $5,000 is because the project, which was constructed 46 feet off the ground in a Sitka spruce (that’s the species of the tree it was built in), was due to it being a repeat offence.

“Contractors need to know how to operate legally in whatever state they are doing business in,” CCB Enforcement Manager Stan Jessup said in a statement.

“Licensing in Oregon carries important protections for the consumer. It means the contractor is bonded and insured, and the CCB can help mediate any disputes between the homeowner and contractor.”

While we love all things about glamping-style abodes, and getting closer to nature and the outdoors, it is important to remain within the lines of the rules and regulations, as this case goes to show. Even though this particular tree is now being dismantled, our treehouse abodes remain strong, so if you would like to enjoy a treehouse adventure, why not book a stay with us, today?


Image: Lwp Kommunikáció under Creative Commons.

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