They may be minuscule in terms of size compared to us humans, but once again the wonders of nature, and in particular ants, are providing answers to our everyday problems. This particular issue is the bane of most people’s lives at one point or another but recent research suggests that if we all drove more like the way ants walk, traffic jams would be far scarcer, according to one scientist.

Ants marching near Quality Unearthed

Apoorva Nagar and the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology explained ants don’t get into a traffic jams, and how this could help us learn lessons to keep our cars flowing when on the busy roads.

Nagar reveals that there are three main reasons why ants don’t suffer the same stress-inducing vehicle queues we deal with. Take a look and see what you think of the explanations:

First of all, Nagar says, they don’t show off by driving past people because ants don’t have egos (who knew?!).

Secondly, ants aren’t bothered about having a couple of small crashes, it’s not drama- unless there’s a significant collision they’ll happily keep on walking.

Thirdly, and possibly most importantly, they become more uniform in their behaviour when their pathways begin to get more congested. The research showed that they begin to run in straighter lines and maintain a balanced speed without speeding up and slowing down erratically. Furthermore, they are less likely to make any sudden manoeuvres — their version of not veering out into a lane without warning on a motorway.

As ants seem to be an ideal role model for human drivers, Nagar hopes that he can explain the behaviour of ants through a mathematical formula that will benefit us by attempting to regulate human’s motorway behaviour in the future.

So far the movement has been studied and Nagar has also developed a model that will calculate how ants move in real life.

But there is no certain outcome on how much the formula will assist people driving on motorways.

Wouldn’t it be great to drive to your luxury camping UK location with no delay? I guess we need to think, what would an ant do? when it comes to driving!


Image: L Church under Creative Commons.

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