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beauty, or in this case taste, is on the inside as french supermarket sells ‘ugly’ fruit and veg

When you go glamping in Devon there’s normally a great chance to go and pick some of the local berries in the hedgerows or at a fruit farm when you can pick your own too. There’s nothing more satisfying that picking fruit that is fresh and the taste is simply amazing- the best you could imagine. But would you pick the ‘ugly’ fruit from the hedgerow? Would you really think about its appearance before you plucked it for your taste buds to enjoy? Most supermarkets only allow the ‘good looking’ fruit to make it to their shelves in the UK but supermarket chain Intermarché in France has bucked the trend by selling ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables to customers at a discounted rate to highlight the problem of food waste and provide customers with a cheaper shopping alternative.
'Ugly' Strawberry | Fruit Sold in French Supermarket Classed as Ugly Tastes The Same As 'Good Looking' Fruit & Veg | Pick Your Own Tasty Fruit & Veg While Glamping In DevonLaunched in the city of Provins, the Les fruits et légumes moches (Inglorious fruit and vegetables) initiative offers misshapen fruit and vegetables at a discount of 30 per cent to its customers. The aim of this is to try and help address the 300m tonnes of food that ends up wasted across the globe annually and challenge the controls on physical appearance imposed by retailers that result in fruit and vegetable crops regularly unharvested or left at the farm.

In order to highlight the campaign to the supermarket’s customers, bosses put posters up around the shop with slogans such as ‘hideous orange makes beautiful juice’. They also asked customers to conduct a blind taste with both ‘inglorious’ and standard fruit and vegetables and according to the supermarket, customers reported that they tasted the same.

Intermarché claim the campaign was a successful one and after the first three days they saw all of the 272kg (600lbs) of ‘inglorious’ apples, carrots, and oranges sold. Additionally footfall increased by 24%. The supermarket has said that it’s now looking to roll the campaign across every one of its stores in France.

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