We are not meant to be stuck indoors. That is for sure.

If 4+ weeks of lockdown and many more of self-isolation and social distancing has taught us anything, is that we are sociable, outdoorsy mammals.

And yes, we have the odd social recluse, the dedicated gaming fanatic, etc, but even those guys get out and about every now and then, even if its through force of having to go to some food shopping or to go to work, getting outside makes every feel better, or at least, gives us the boost in things we didn’t even know we needed, so we can go back home and capitulate on the sofa.

Lockdown is a necessity right now. But the craving to be outside, for more than just a measly hour a day, is more than just a frivolity we can do without. Grabbing some air, some nature is not a luxury.

What’s more, the less we start to socialise, the more we let things slip, and this is where it gets really important. Today, it may not be getting out of your pajamas or you missed showering for one day, but this self-neglect can start to build. It can become that we stop taking good care of ourselves, by pandering to the parts of ourselves that want to just take the easy route.

This can be true in food, and it’s here that we can find fruit so important. Fruit is basically your saviour right now.

Benefits of Fruit - Fruit Information Poster

The benefits of fruit, as shown above, are much more than just the fun part of the phrase ‘fruit ‘n’ veg‘.

They can make a real difference in your normal day-to-day life, but currently, your day-to-day is anything but normal. During this period of isolation, fruit can be a balance between keeping on track and falling for some very questionable health choices.

As you can see from above, fruit can give you amazing sources of a variety of different vitamins. Sure, you knew this! Hasn’t stopped you from eating cereal and pot noodles for the last 3 weeks though, has it?

Now more than ever, fruit is designed to be something more than just sits in a decorative bowl, waiting for someone to paint it. It’s no longer the last-ditch snack when all the biscuits are gone. It’s time for that banana that accompanies your lunches at work, but never actually gets eaten, to get eaten.

In all seriousness, fruit is much more now than just a healthy staple. It’s something that can keep you on the righteous and healthy pass, and with all these additional vitamins, can change your disposition somewhat, that even the most staunch of hermits, will have the get-up and go to try something new, even if it has to be done inside.

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