It goes without saying that a glamping vacation is almost certain to see you surrounded by a delightful area full of beautiful views and much more.

You should always make the most of your time away; whether you are on a glamping UK trip, or not, you will no doubt want to capture special moments as a family with a variety of pictures.

Why not ensure that for this year’s holiday you get some great photos of your favourite moments so you can create beautiful mementoes that can be displayed back at home all year long? After all, a picture tells a thousand words, and makes for great storytelling too! Take a look at our top five tips for your best spring/summer family photos ever!

Being Impulsive is Great!

children walking in a field near Quality Unearthed
When you’re thinking of taking a picture, don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to get everyone to pause what they are doing in order to ‘say cheese’ for the camera. It’s a sure thing that some of the best photos ever taken are, and always will be, captured completely spontaneously.

Extra tip: Try to capture action shots that accurately illustrate the feeling and emotion at that very moment.

Don’t Miss Out on the Action

a family enjoy a glamping UK break with Quality Unearthed
It’s an age-old problem that one poor soul goes through whenever there’s a photo of the family being snapped. We are of course talking about the one person who’s absent from the shots 99% of the time.

This person is usually the resident family photographer. It’s easy to neglect this person when getting in some of the shots to be fair, but don’t let this happen on your holiday. Simply pass the camera around to a different set of hands so that you don’t get home and wonder if you were ever there in the first place because you were hiding behind the lens!

Lights, Camera, Action!

A couple with an expectant child on a glamping UK holiday
Hopefully, most of your spring/summer snaps will take place while you’re enjoying the glorious outdoors. This will give you the perfect opportunity to use the natural lighting to your advantage. If you want a photo to look just right, then the correct lighting is essential. You should avoid having the subject of your picture being stood directly in front of a very harshly lit backdrop. Look to have the person face toward the light, or if it’s an object try changing the angle you capture from.

Don’t Look Down!

a child on a glamping holiday with Quality Unearthed
It’s important to dodge the idea of taking photos when looking down on a subject through the lens. Try opting to take your pictures from his or her eye level instead. With smaller subjects like children and pets, it’s a good idea to kneel down so that you can capture photos of their perspective results in dynamic, unforgettable shots.

Your Phone is Smart; You Should be Too

A woman taking a landscape picture on her phone
In case you weren’t aware, the megapixels for images taken with the camera on the back of most smartphones these days are far superior to that of those taken with the camera on the front.

Therefore, it’s pretty sound advice that you should always try to use the camera on the back when possible. Additionally, the quality of your pictures become significantly reduced when you apply the zoom feature on your phone – although this may not be as much of an issue with the latest models of smartphone. Even so, you should try to move closer to a subject, when possible, as opposed to zooming from a distance.

We hope you found these handy tips useful while you’re having a great spring/summer holiday. Now go and make some memories!

Happy snapping!

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