The very nature of glamping means that you are usually located in areas with front row seats of the expansive nights’ sky. With city smog and light pollution prevalent in most urban spaces, it’s all too easy to forget what a clear evening looks like, but the secluded nature of our quirky abodes means you can gaze up at the endless sky into the evening, keeping an eager eye out for shooting stars and any of the famous formations that are visible. Usually, we’re advocates of embarking on a digital detox while glamping, giving your eyes a rest from the screen, but given the therapeutic and healing properties the stars can bring, we’ll make an exception for the use of star-gazing apps. Whether it’s something that you’ve never tried before or you’re an experienced watcher of the nights’ sky, we’ve put together a list of some of the best apps available on a variety of devices so that you can download them ahead of your next expedition glamping in the UK.

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SkyView is available on both android and iOS systems at no cost and is a good example of an ideal all-in-one guide to the nights’ sky. Using advanced technologies, the app uses sensors and the screen of your smartphone to provide an augmented reality perspective of what’s up in the sky. These devices will often turn into AR viewfinders allowing you to identify any number of stars, planets and constellations. The app not only informs the user of the track in the sky but provides a detailed description of what it is and where it has come from. Fascinatingly, this app also includes a feature that allows you to view the sky as it was in a time gone by and what it may look like in the future.


Star Walk

An extremely user-friendly application with beautiful aesthetics and an attractive interface, this app provides a practical guide to what is happening all those miles away in real time. The effortless design of the app means you must simply point your device at the sky, and it will provide fascinating information about what it is that you are seeing. Adverts are included in the free version, although you can pay £2.99 to enjoy the experience ad-free.


Star Rover

Another application that momentarily transforms your smartphone into an AR viewfinder for the night, Star Rover is available for both the main mobile operating systems. It helps you to locate any points of interest by directing your phone in any given upwards direction and allows the users to toggle constellations, planet names, stars and equatorial and azimuthal grids. The app configures in accordance to location, date and time but can also explore further afield if you adjust these settings as required.


Night Sky

Exclusive to iOS, Night Sky is a part of Apple’s push for AR apps, producing a nice-looking augmented reality map of the sky. Notably, this application is supported by the Apple Watch, bringing the information to your wrist where it can be accessed with ease at any time, allowing you to avoid any distractions caused by your phone. Recently, the app has evolved to include an ARKit, which is basically a virtual model of the solar system that you can circle around and view as and when you like.


Sky Safari

Sky Safari provides the means for a perfect stargazing experience. Point your device at the sky to identify what you can see thousands of miles away and search for other points of interest that may be nearby. Voice control can be used with the app, meaning you can browse at ease and quite simply tell the software exactly what it is you want to see or be displayed. A great all-round app that enables a smooth and straightforward exploration of the universe.


Pocket Universe

A must-have application for anyone with a passion for space, this app provides a portable sky map with a plethora of additional features including augmented reality modes. Every map is clearly labelled and enables the ability to track individual objects and planets that are of particular interest to the users. You can even use this app to explore the solar system on a particular night from the comfort of the comfy bed in your abode, perfect if the weather turns sour during your break. Pocket Universe comes with a wealth of extra activities and resources such as quizzes and facts, perfect for long family car journeys or as an evening activity during your holiday.

treehouse at night

NASA app

Perhaps not originally built for stargazing per se, the wealth of information and fascinating facts available on the NASA app will keep your entertained for hours as you learn all about the awe-inspiring world of outer space. This is a go-to for anyone wanting the latest updates, including images, videos, mission information and news straight from the experts as well as exclusive access to a range of quality and engaging content.

That concludes our guide to some of the best stargazing applications that are available on iOS and Android systems in 2019. For more inspiration on stargazing whilst glamping, check out some of our most recent blog posts, including 5 of the Best Stargazing Spots in Devon and Stargazing Spots in Wales. If you’re yet to book your glamping holiday, check out any of the fantastic abodes below, each of which is sure to offer luxury, comfort and skies for stargazing!

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