The UK is bursting with wildlife, with a large variety of different species making their homes in various locations across the country. However, catching a glimpse of many of these animals in their natural habitat can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to find them! To ensure you are treated to a spectacular sighting, we’ve listed some of the best wildlife photography spots in the UK:

Skomer Island

Situated just off of the breath-taking Pembrokeshire coast, Skomer Island’s amazing array of wildlife, in particular, its puffin population, along with the razorbills and guillemots, put this wonderful location firmly on the map for anyone looking to capture some encounters that are sure to be up close and personal. With the wildlife here being more than accustomed to the limited human presence, this peaceful island is sure to provide an authentic insight into the lives of a wide variety of seabirds along with several other species.

Experts go on to advise that a prime location to head for, should the puffins be at the top of the list for you when visiting Skomer Island is The Wick. This is an area of the island where the birds fly in from the sea, often with their beaks filled with sand eels. If you are keen to see the puffins that make their home here, head to Pembrokeshire between April and August to ensure you spot them.

Puffins standing on some rocky outcrops on Skomer Island

The New Forest

Covering an astonishing area of 285 square miles, visitors to the New Forest National Park can feast their eyes on an extensive array of wildlife ranging from stunning wild ponies to common shrews and hedgehogs. With an abundance of walking and cycling trails to follow, there’s ample opportunity to explore this wildlife haven. However, for those who are brave enough to venture off of the beaten track, some truly magical sights await; nestle in the trees to capture groups of grazing deer or even a stalking fox in search of prey!

A startled red deer standing in a green field with a twig behind it


Also joining Skomer Island and the New Forest on our list is Snettisham, a thriving area located on the Norfolk coast. With the Snettisham RSPB Nature Reserve being the home of two of the UK’s greatest wildlife spectacles, it’s little wonder why.

During high tides, visitors can view the incoming tide displace thousands of wading birds from their feeding grounds as they take up new positions onto the banks and islands in front of the RSPB hides by flocking into the sky. If you’re visiting during midwinter, then you should head on out at dusk and dawn to view the thousands of pink-footed geese fly in the iconic V-formation between the inland ground they use for feeding and their nighttime roost on the mud flats.

Photography experts go on to say that if you want to catch the wildlife at the optimum times, you should be at the RSPB hides 30-90 minutes before high tide anytime between August and January. Also, for sightings of the pink-footed geese flying over, the ideal time is to set up an hour or so after dawn from mid-November to late January.

A flock of pink footed geese flying in the air

Exmoor National Park

Found in the South West of England, Exmoor National Park is one of the most extensive moorland areas in the UK and is consequently home to many different animals who make their home in this rural haven. However, there is one animal in particular that draws photographers from far and wide to this idyllic location: the Exmoor pony.

Due to having a nervous nature and minimal human contact, Exmoor ponies are often hard for photographers to capture and can easily be spooked. However, according to experts, the best time to catch a glimpse of these beautiful moorland inhabitants is during an early morning sunrise when they travel in groups to graze and find new resting spots. Plus, the dazzling golden light makes for a stunning shot if you are lucky enough to capture one!

Two Exmoor ponies grazing on moorland

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