This isn’t one of our luxury camping treehouses but we still love it! A 15ft tall metal tree that features an impressive array of multi-directional solar panels instead of leaves has recently been switched on in Bristol for the public to use.

Bristol Millennium Square Tree with its new, fully functioning addition The Energy Tree.

Built with the help from the At-Bristol and the Bristol Drugs Project, and aptly named as The Energy Tree, the new addition will offer free mobile phone charging points and Wi-Fi.

Additionally, the solar panels have been built from recycled broken panels, and will produce up to 1KW of green energy. The Energy Tree actually mimics the actions of a real tree, by taking in energy through the solar ‘leaves’, and converting to energy to provide the Wi-Fi to passers-by.

The Energy Tree has been erected as the successor to the popular Solar Tree built in Brislington in 2012, where members of the public, as well as community groups were taught solar skills by Demand Energy Equality, who also helped build the Bristol based project,  in collaboration with artist John Packer.

The tree has been installed as part of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership, which is aiming to help see Bristol become a low carbon city, whilst additionally offering a high quality of life for all who live in the city. Bristol was the chosen location for the tree as it is the European Green Capital for 2015.

Photo courtesy of BBC, under Creative Commons.

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