A slightly different use for the Mongolian yurt compared to how our guests use them on their yurt holidays it must be said, but just as impressive nonetheless. We are of course talking about the great news for a Bristol-based pop-up diner, Yurt Lush, with the announcement that it has been granted an extended stay for another year, after its lease was prolonged for 2015. The café, a 70-seater eatery in the Creative Common region of Bristol, is run by Eat Drink Bristol Fashion, from three magnificent Mongolian style yurts, not dissimilar to those our guests frequent during their breaks!
Yurt Lush | Pop-Up Diner Based in Bristol | Yurt Holiday

The diner staff have been successfully delivering hot drinks, lunches and other culinary delights to the office workers and general public based near the Temple Meads train station since it ‘popped-up’ in June of 2013. The original  plan was to only stay for a short period but this could now be changing due to its popularity.

It was reported last week that its lease has been extended, and is “guaranteed” to stay open until the end of September this year, with the potential for a further extension being possible into 2016.

Yurt Lush | Pop-Up Diner Based in Bristol | Yurt Holiday

Yurt Lush is an alternative option to the chains we so frequently see in major cities and is a great choice if you want to help local businesses and ty something other than the normal ‘go-to’ places. Open to all from 7am to 4pm every day, you can get yourself some breakfast or lunch and even go to special events for the area- of which Bristol has many.

So the next time you’re heading to Bristol why not go and check out this super eatery?

You can see what is on offer at the pop-up diner by clicking here.

Good luck in the New Year to all concerned at Yurt Lush!

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