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feature: california set to become first state in fight to ban plastic bags

This is a hot topic that we all should care deeply about as it affects all of us as well as the future generations to succeed us. Issues like the fight to overcome the excessive plastic bag pollution are definitely something to be addressed and awareness is essential. How many times have you been on holiday, whether it be to a seaside resort or a Devon glamping destination and seen the water/ natural landscape tainted by discarded plastic bags? The good news is people in high places are listening up and taking action to combat this.
Plastic Bags Mimicking Jellyfish In The Sea | Soon To Be a Thing Of The Past | California Bags Plastic Bags On Friday of last week the state of California in the United States passed a bill to ban the use of plastic bags. The bill has to be signed into law by no later than the 30 September following a 22 – 15 vote in support of the proposal. The new law was successfully passed in conjunction with the ongoing efforts to cut down on waste and it is the first of its kind to get underway in the United States.

Environmentalists have long pressed to ban plastic bags, and rightly so too. It’s true that plastic bags present a cheaper option for supermarkets to use than other alternatives such as paper. They create a great deal of rubbish that is not easily recycled.

Fortunately the bag for life is becoming a popular sight in shops and supermarkets up and down the UK now, and they also double up to form great bags for carrying bits and pieces while on your Wales glamping trips and yurt holidays too.

We are hoping that this will set a precedent for further states in the America to follow suit. As we previously mentioned the UK is gaining strong support for alternatives to using plastic bags, and the future of our wildlife, oceans and environment depend on us all making a difference. A wise person once said that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and thankfully we’re already taking steps in the right direction.

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