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camping vs glamping – which one is best?

Over the years, camping holidays have been enjoyed by many, serving as nostalgic reminders of the once simpler forms of family holidays. But while many may argue that camping is the best form of holidaying for getting in touch with nature, being more exposed to the natural elements and living more organically overall, others feel that glamping enhances the camping experience by offering a variety of home comforts while still encompassing all the benefits of traditional camping. But which is the best? Below, we compare the two to find out:

Instant Accommodation

Our Rowan Yurt in a field of long grass and grains

While for many families, putting up a tent is all part and parcel of the camping experience, it can often be a challenge, especially if you have never assembled one before or you are trying to do it in the pouring rain. In this sense, one advantage of glamping is that your accommodation is instantly available the moment you arrive, meaning whatever the weather, you can settle in quickly and comfortably without the hassle of constructing it yourself!

Home Away from Home

An outside brick oven on a wooden worktop surrounded by wine and snacks

There’s no doubt that both camping and glamping are great ways to immerse yourself in nature and live more naturally for a short time; however, the former is often the less luxurious of the two.
For some, the back to basics living encompassed by camping is all part of its charm, especially for those who have never experienced it before. But while collecting your own water supplies, eating by candlelight and making your own fire may seem to bring closer to nature, the novelty can soon wear off, particularly if you are camping with younger children.


Glamping, on the other hand, often provides some basic home comforts such as bathing facilities, electricity and furniture, while still enabling you to experience natural living at its best. Arguably a better option for those who relish these simple luxuries, those going glamping can relax and have fun rather than having to constantly consider if they have enough provisions to keep them fed and watered.

Appealing Aesthetics

Our Riverside Lodge with accompanying hot tub that looks out over a river

Although we may be a little bias, here at Quality Unearthed, we believe our glamping abodes far exceed traditional camping tends when it comes to aesthetics. From cabins and treehouses to shepherds’ huts to yurts, the excitement of staying in accommodation that is quirky yet comfortable will no doubt add a magical touch to your holiday. Plus, the added extra of glamping with a hot tub is sure to make the experience one you’ll never forget, unlike the fleeting memory of a two-person tent!


A glamping abode lit up in the middle of winter

With the often-unpredictable British weather, those going camping must always prepare for the eventuality of bad weather, no matter what time of year it is. Consequently, camping can require a lot of organisation to ensure that everyone remains warm and happy during a chill or downpour. Those going glamping, however, need not worry about what the weather’s doing as with the assurance of a warm, dry and homely abode, they will always remain comfortable, even in the midst of winter.


When it comes to cost, many would say that renting a camping pitch for the week is a cheaper alternative to forking out for a plush glamping abode. While at a glance, this may be true, camping doesn’t only require the cost of the pitch; essentials such as a tent, sleeping bags, cooking equipment and other camping accessories are also needed and can quickly ramp up the cost of this supposedly ‘cheap’ holiday. However, the price of glamping is inclusive of each of these added extras and often more, meaning ultimately, you could end up paying the same price for a less luxurious camping holiday than you would for a lavish week of glamping!


Our Verdict

When weighing up all the pros and cons of both camping and glamping, we can’t help but conclude that glamping is best when it comes to more natural holiday experiences. Not only does this now fashionable way of holidaying encompass all the pros of camping such as outdoor living, fantastic views and a refreshing break for day to day life, but it also solves many of the problems inherently presented by camping including a lack of electricity, the risk of weather damage and above all, a less relaxing experience.


If you’d like to test our verdict and experience glamping for yourself, why not head over to our website to browse our extensive range of gorgeous glamping abodes today? From cute little cabins to family yurts, we’re sure to have the perfect glamping accommodation for you – get in touch today to discover more.

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