Planning a hen party can sometimes be quite a daunting experience, especially when you have to find an activity to suit a group of people of different ages and interests! Luckily, our guide to celebration ideas for a glamping hen do can provide you with some fun activities that will suit all types of bride!

Spa Weekend

Spa weekend glamping

Wedding planning can prove quite stressful, so what better way to spend your hen do than by getting some much-deserved rest and relaxation time! Turn your glamping retreat into a luxurious spa weekend with just a few simple steps. Bring along some fluffy towels and robes, as well as an assortment of face masks, moisturising creams and other skincare goodies and get pampering! Decorate your abode with some twinkling fairy lights and pop on some relaxing music to make for a truly tranquil evening. Glamping with a hot tub provides the ideal activity for a spa weekend hen do, as you can sink into the warm water at the end of the night and relax with a glass of bubbly in hand.


Have a Picnic

glamping picnic

The great outdoors awaits you on your glamping trip, so make the most of the nature surrounding you and enjoy some tasty treats with all of the important ladies in your life! Pack up a basket of delicious nibbles, and remember that this is the time to celebrate, so indulgent bites are a must! Don’t forget to bring some bubbly and glasses too, as a hen do isn’t the same without something celebratory to sip on. Turn your picnic into a fun theme, adding some fancy dress and decorations to the mix to make this a truly memorable day. Once you’ve enjoyed your picnic in the fields or woods near your abode, use these open natural spaces to have some fun, playing some exciting hen party games.


Host Your Own Festival

If you’re planning a hen party for a boho bride, then hosting your own festival can be a great way to have some fun. A campsite of yurts or huts to yourself awaits, all you need to do is bring along your favourite tunes and get the party started! Crack out the glitter and facepaint and enjoy dancing along with all your friends at this special festival for celebrating the bride. In the evening, light a barbeque and enjoy a festival feast, along with a few more drinks, of course!


Campfire Night

Glamping means glamorous camping, so why not treat your hen party as just that! Glamping gives you the chance to experience all the fun of camping, while still getting to relax in the comfort of a bed at the end of the night! Get a campfire going and spend the evening reminiscing on your friendships, sharing funny stories and playing hen party games. Toast marshmallows over the flames for an exciting camping experience before ending the night with a spot of stargazing.


Scavenger Hunt

Use your campsite as nature’s playground and hide clues and prizes around the site in abodes, trees and under benches in an incredible hen do scavenger hunt! To add more of a bridal twist, answering questions about the bride and groom-to-be can be used to reveal extra hints. Alternatively, wedding-themed items can be hidden around the area and the member of the bridal party who can locate the most in a certain time wins a prize – or chooses the next activity!


Arts and Crafts Weekend

arts and crafts

For the arty brides-to-be, wedding planning can sometimes get a bit DIY, with many of the decorations, stationery and gifts made by hand. Turn this into a group effort on your hen do by getting crafty! Of course, this can all just be done for fun and doesn’t have to be for the actual wedding, but things like flower crowns, jewellery and bunting are all fun little craft projects that can be created in the comfort of your abode or outside in the sun, and may prove useful on the big day!


Outdoor Adventure

If you’ve picked a glamping hen do because you love the outdoors, then there is no better activity than outdoor adventures. From simple woodland walking to zip-wiring across a forest, the possibilities are endless and can be tailored to suit the interests and abilities of the wedding party. Other activities could include horse riding, archery, go-karting or a simple sports day-like event! Whatever you choose, you can be sure you’ll have a great night’s sleep to rest and recover from your busy day in your gorgeous glamping abode!

If you can think of any other great ways to celebrate a hen do on a glamping break, then let us know by getting in touch via our social media channels!

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