For many, celebrating the New Year means dressing in your finest clothes, grabbing a few drinks and dancing the night away with those closest to you but if you’re searching for an alternative way to welcome the 1st January, then we’ve got some fantastic ideas that couples, kids or groups are sure to enjoy! So, whether you’re planning on spending the last day of 2018 at home or enjoying the serenity of one of our glamping abodes, then read on to discover how you could celebrate this epic time of year.

Film Marathon

A bowl of popcorn

Guilt-free relaxation. Bring along with you a selection of your favourite films, get some popcorn, crisps, chocolate and other indulgent snacks and spend the evening in back-to-back film heaven. Whether you choose a horror evening, a night of rom-coms or a mix of both, select the best of the best for your New Year’s Eve film marathon.


Games Night

A Monopoly board

Dust off the Monopoly and bring along a pack of cards, as you’re in for a special evening of some good ol’ fashioned fun. Seeing in the evening playing games with those closest to you, laughing around a table, enjoying nibbles and the flowing drinks, and you’re set for a New Year’s to remember.


Create a Timecapsule

A pile of old photographs

Rather than burying your capsule outdoors, we recommend creating one for yourself, similar to a memory box but instead, providing you with a capsule insight into your thoughts, feelings and things that meant the most to you in 2018. Fill it with tickets from gigs, booking confirmations, a note of your favourite song, food, film or moment from the previous year, and store it somewhere in your home for your future self to find and gorge on the past.



A person doing yoga in a woodland

Find a naturally stunning landscape, whether it’s the beach, mountains, countryside, woodland or the location of one of our glamping abodes and stretch your way into the New Year. Taking time for yourself, caring for your body and mind and being mindful of the year past, can be a rejuvenating way to say hello to 2019.


Indulgent Dinner Party

A dinner table

As you get older, the festive season becomes more and more about good food and good company. If there’s any time of year when we allow ourselves to be a little more indulgent, its now. Spend your New Year’s savouring the foods you love most, or mix it up a little and try and range of new things. You may even want to consider a themed evening, be it around the world in 20 dishes, campfire treats or a barbeque feast.



Three people stargazing

If it’s a clear night, one of the best ways to see in the New Year is by admiring the night’s sky. It induces awe and wonder, as you look upon the enormity and beauty of the universe. It can be a humbling experience as it encourages you to appreciate the small part that humans play when compared to the seemingly endless constellations overhead. If you’re new to stargazing, or you have little ones interested in the activity, take a look at our beginners stargazing tips, there’s also a handy infographic to check out before you head outdoors.


Spa Evening

Essential oils

When we go away on holiday we are often seeking a spot to relax, unwind and feel refreshed for when we return. Make sure you get your New Year off to a relaxing start by hosting a spa evening! You don’t need to pay big money for a full spa retreat when you can relax under the light of the moon while glamping with a hot tub. Pack some face masks, massage bars and other skincare goodies for a night of pampering, and enter the new year revitalised, with a feeling of tranquillity.


Do you have any other ideas for what to do while on a glamping break for New Year’s Eve? Let us know how you plan on celebrating the new year by getting in touch via our social media channels!

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