Break away from the norm on your next holiday by embracing a unique and inspiring accommodation option, a cabin! With luxuries aplenty, all of the amenities you may require and undeniably beautiful settings, you’re allowing yourself to experience the extraordinary on your next break. If you’re still undecided whether a glamping cabin break is for you, then read on to discover exactly why we believe this holiday-type is miles ahead of the rest.

A Unique Type of Holiday

A wooden glamping cabin in Wales

Breaking out of a routine and exposing yourself to something entirely different to what you’re used is a fantastic way to learn a little more about yourself! Our glamping abodes are located amongst stunning settings while providing accommodation that is as unique as you! To us, that sounds like the perfect components for a memorable time away.

Comfortable and Inviting Interior

A bed in a glamping abode

Charm and character are in abundance in our quirky cabins and on arrival, we hope relaxation sweeps over you as you explore the comfortable and inviting interior. It’s easy to call these spaces a home from home; unpack your bags, pour yourself a glass of something bubbly and unwind. With oversized sofas, fully equipped kitchens and luxurious beds, you will have everything you need and more during your time there.

Minimal Impact

With ecotourism on the rise, more and more people are searching for holiday accommodation that best reflects their personal views. Responsible travel is on the rise, with more people opting for staycations than ever before. Further to which mode of transport a person chooses, holiday-makers are also considering the types of ‘green’ attractions in the area, as well as the accommodation they are staying in.

Luxury Touches

A hot tub and bottle of champagne

With outdoor baths, wood-fired hot tubs, sun loungers, stargazing domes and much more, the additional perks available to guests during a glamping break are in abundance! Imagine sinking into a hot tub and admiring the outstanding views surrounding, or on a clear night admiring the glistening night’s sky. These luxury touches allow you to rejuvenate during your break, ensuring you feel well rested on your return to reality.

Get Back to Nature

A glamping cabin in the woods

Nature is close to our heart here at Quality Unearthed, and with many of our glamping abodes, it takes centre stage. Whether it’s a luscious green valley or a beachside spot, the ability to rise in the morning, step out to breath in the fresh air and take in the humbling views, is a moment you’ll treasure and yearn for many years to come. The benefits of being immersed in the natural world are becoming ever more apparent, with daily articles encouraging us to spend more time in the great outdoors for both our mental and physical health. A cabin holiday allows you exactly that; sleep, eat and relax amongst some of the wonders of the world.

Creativity Boost

Allowing the natural environment to feature as a focal point of your break, is likely to have a direct effect on your creative juices! A walk in the woods, picnic on the beach, sunset or collection of wildflowers all serves as inspiration for your next creative project. Draw upon the surrounding landscape and relish in a creativity boost!

Holiday Pictures

Capturing the treasured memories from your holiday gives you the chance to relive your adventure time and time again. These cherished moments can be shared with friends and family on your return, while they will also provide some eye-catching Instagram content. Each cabin, both inside and out, is guaranteed to have plenty of Instagram opportunities. With outstanding views, roll top baths, hand-crafted and unique structures, and cosy and cute interiors, your holiday snaps will be gorgeous!

Glamping serves as the perfect tonic to your relaxation break, whether it’s glamping in Devon, Dorset, Scotland or Wales, we hope that you get to experience these unique and quirky structures on your next holiday!

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