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why choose a coastal holiday?

If you live close to the coast, consider yourself very lucky indeed. Many people in the UK would give their left arm to be close to the sea, and there are multiple reasons behind why we’re drawn towards the coast, both in summer and in winter. Whether your looking to bask in the sun on a sandy shore, or walk the rugged coastal paths during the winter, being near the coast ticks all sorts of boxes and can even offer unique wellbeing benefits. In this article, we’ll explore precisely why you should be booking your next getaway by the sea.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Whether it is the sound of the waves, the smell of the sea or views out into the vast open water, there are few more relaxing places than being by the sea. Even in winter time, all of these things can still be enjoyed which is why coastal holidays are great all year round. Not only this, but the sea’s effect on our senses has been proven to be a great antidote to stress levels. Research has shown that people who spend more time near large bodies of water such as seas and oceans have lower levels of stress and are more mentally relaxed.

Free Skin Care Routine

Woman stood on beach

Not many people head to the coast with the intention of improving the health of their skin, however, this is certainly a bonus benefit of holidaying by the sea! Because of the mineral makeup of the sea water, people have found that it can bring a number of benefits. Firstly, the salt in the water helps to reduce grease and promotes a clean and crisp complexion. Additionally, assuming your visiting during the summer, the sand exfoliates, and the sun will provide your daily dose of vitamin D. You’ll feel better both on the inside and on the outside.

Get Outside and Get Active

Man sat on cliffs

Typically, we associate people who live by the coast to be people who are always active, either in the water doing things such as surfing and swimming or on land playing beach sports such as volleyball. The beach, the sea and the coast, in general, all offer a number of opportunities to get active, and you shouldn’t shun these during your time away. Even just a walk using the coast path can be a great way to get outdoors! This also links into the benefit below.

Digital Detox

Getting away to the coast can offer you the chance to unstick yourself from the myriad screens that demand our attention on a daily basis. Whether we’re watching TV, using our smartphones, or browsing the web on our laptops, screens have become more and more dominant in our lives. Although there are some benefits to this, it can also mean that the time we dedicate to off-screen activities is constantly decreasing; which is why having a digital detox during your time away can be an enriching and refreshing break from technology. Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read, or maybe try cooking a new recipe? Or, if you’ve gone glamping with a hot tub, why not crack open a bottle of bubbly and just relax in the warm waters?

Happy Memories

Beach at sunset

Most of us during our childhood spent our summer holidays being taken to the seaside by our parents, whether on a family day trip or a longer holiday away. Returning to the beach can often bring with it a nostalgic feeling, remembering the days of digging in the sand and playing in the waves. Nostalgia and happy memories increase our self-esteem, our feeling of happiness and most importantly will allow our brain to release serotonin.

Enjoy Fresh Sea Food

Fish with salt and a lemon

Another benefit of being by the sea is the ability to enjoy fresh seafood in the local pubs and restaurants. Most seaside locations have at least one restaurant that specialises in cooking local seafood so we’d suggest making the most of this and sampling some of the ocean’s delights during your time away. You could even try your hand at cooking your own too! Many seaside towns have markets or local fishmongers that sell locally caught produce so taking something back to make your own tasty meal could be an option if you’re looking for a relaxing night in.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should be booking your next holiday near to the coast. We have a fabulous range of accommodation available in beautiful coastal areas, why not check some of them out? Browse through our selection here or give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for!

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