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combining rugby and a retreat in the south west with quality unearthed

With the Rugby World Cup in full swing, there are bound to be fans who are heading to the forthcoming games in the South West of England who want to enjoy a relaxing retreat as well as an exhilarating game of rugby! Why not take a look at two options we have for you to have the pleasure of staying in?

A giant rugby ball sponsored by Land Rover MENA for the Rugby World Cup near our Glamping Devon abodes.

Tonga v Namibia Tues 29th Sept, Exeter

Bramble Shepherds Hut, 30 mins from Exeter


Shepherd's Hut, Devon

A retreat to return to after a noisy trip to the rugby game. With the kick off at 1645 one could check in for a 2 night stay on the 28th and have a lazy lie in before heading into Exeter early afternoon for the rugby build up.


Bramble is an utterly charming vintage style shepherd’s hut with little touches such as recycled windows, up-cycled tea-towel curtains and country china.


28-30 September: £172

Sleeps 2

[email protected]




USA v Japan 11th October, Gloucester

Hideaway Shepherds Hut, 20 minutes from Gloucester.


Shepherd's Hut | Glamping Holidays UK | Quality Unearthed

Hideaway Shepherds Hut is a superb abode built by one of the leading UK Shepherds Hut companies. We would recommend arriving the day before the match and booking a locally sourced breakfast pack to make the day of the match as much of a treat as possible. Unusually, this hut has its own shower room inside so it really is a top end hut.


10-12th October: £174

Sleeps 2

Quality Unearthed

[email protected]



Image: Land Rover MENA under Creative Commons.

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