Devon Wildlife Trust have launched a brand new initiative to get “every child wild”, following the results of a new poll which revealed many parents are apprehensive about the lack of experience their children have when it comes to wildlife and nature.

Children playing outdoors in the woods near Quality Unearthed glamping UK sites

The poll from YouGov found that a resounding 91 percent of parents with children aged 18 or under felt that having access to wildlife and nature is essential, however, 78 percent aired concerns that their little adventurers don’t spend enough time interacting with wildlife in the outdoors.

The survey also discovered that 57 percent of parents stated their children currently spend a little or a lot less of their time enjoying what the outdoors has to offer in comparison to how they did at the same age. 71 per cent said their child had never seen a wild lizard in the UK, and a considerable 37 per cent of children have never set eyes on a hedgehog, other than on TV!

The Every Child Wild initiative has been launched in the hope that it will get people talking and sharing ideas of how to get the younger generation more interested and engaging in wildlife, nature, and the countryside, on a more regular basis.

Hopefully, as a result, the programme will ‘spawn’ the next generation of nature lovers and scientists. If the idea is a success, then we will hopefully see the renewed interest contribute to the future generation stopping the slow decline of wildlife.

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