Glamping accommodation is increasingly appealing of late, and now’s never been a better time to give it a go for yourself if you haven’t already! The news that staycations are on the rise, combined with the appeal of discovering places you never had before without jetting abroad is something that many people are after.

So with this in mind, why choose glamping? We can tell you with our handful of great reasons…

A tree in a field on a sunny day near Quality Unearthed

Trying something new

The glamping holiday has been around for a quite a few years now, but there are still plenty of people looking to go on holiday who are yet to give it a go. Glamping, whether in a yurt, treehouse, or shepherd’s hut, to name a few, is guaranteed to be a superbly exciting and original experience. Once you’ve tasted the fun for yourself, you’ll be wanting more!

Quality time as a couple or with the family

With all the distractions of modern technology, it’s getting harder to have a good conversation. But without the interruption of televisions, phones, and iPads you can gather your favourite people together or as a romantic couple and enjoy chatting, laughing and playing with one another. No screens necessary.

The wonderful stars in the night sky

When was the last time you took a deep breath and inhaled fresh, clean air? Our glamping 2017 sites are surrounded by trees, on the edge of quiet towns. No smog or fumes, just lovely lung-loving fresh air. At night, the clear skies are a crisp light-show of stars – no light pollution, simply a ceiling of twinkly wonderment!

It’s time to relax

woman relaxing in the sunshine












The thing with glamping is that it just takes all the palaver out of camping. No need to be arguing over who forgot the tent pegs, or when to set up camp; you can simply arrive, relax and enjoy when you go glamping. And the best bit is that come the end of your stay you can simply pack up your belongings and head off home fully relaxed.

Location, location, location

When you go glamping, you are almost certainly going to be located somewhere amazing that offers superb scenery in the countryside or in a relaxing, secluded location. This will provide you with a playground for walking, nature loving, and sun soaking, not to mention possibly even sipping on a local ale or cider as a pub is never normally far away!

Eating alfresco

This is personally one of our favourite reasons. Fire up a BBQ and enjoy a delicious feast in the sunshine. Get your hands on some of the local produce and taste the difference from the products you source from the supermarket. It’s a foodie heaven! It doesn’t get better than unwinding in the fresh air with a suitably fed tummy.

Forget everything and have some ‘me time’

woman reading a book by the sea












So, in case you didn’t already know, glamping is all about sitting back, winding down and enjoy the finer, more basic things in life. No schedules or deadlines to meet, it matters not what the time is, so take your watch off – you don’t want a tan line. You can enjoy the fact you don’t have anything to do or be anywhere. Wine o’clock and Pimms o’clock are the only times that you need to think about when you’re on a glamping holiday.

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