So you’ve just come home from a holiday at your favourite Glastonbury glamping destination and now you’re wondering where you can find comfort to sit and reminisce about the wonderful experience you had. Find your inspiration right here as we are going to tell you where, and how to do it.
Pallet Swing - DIY Upcycling - Garden FurnitureYour heavenly comfort zone involves a little DIY and some upcycling but if you’re cool with that then it’s all systems go! All you need is four wooden pallets and some long boards.

And to make the process even easier for you, we’ve attached a video for you to watch in order to follow the simple steps to DIY pallet swing success! So now you can pause the video as you go to make sure you get it right without any mishaps.

The next thing you know you’ll be dreaming of the next trip in one of our Glastonbury yurts and the next adventure you can have. Oh! and you’ll surely have all the neighbours following in your inspirational footsteps while saving £100’s on garden furniture at the same time!

Enjoy the video:

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