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homemade & eco-friendly christmas decorations

With the health of the environment a global conversation, we are all beginning to look for ways in which we can, as individuals, households or businesses, tread a little lighter on the planet. Whether that’s buying local produce, going paperless, catching the bus instead of driving a car, making things instead of buying them or reusing and buying second hand. All of these small changes can, when collated, make a big difference, and the festive season is no different. There are so many ways you can be more sustainable this Christmas, and one of them is by trying to make your decorations more environmentally friendly.

Choosing something that’s handcrafted from nature can be a great place to start, and if you haven’t got the time to make them yourself, then there are plenty of artisan producers who love doing just that! There are plenty of festive craft markets taking place all over the country during the months leading up to Christmas, where you can get your hands on some beautifully crafted and planet-friendly decorations.

If you do have time and are feeling a little creative, we’ve got some great suggestions of what you can make and not only will you have fun doing it, but they’ll also look fantastic in your home!


A handmade Christmas wreath

People have been decorating their homes during the cool winter months for thousands of years. Bringing in evergreen shrubbery represented to them, at the time, new life and the approach of spring.

Celebrate this age-old tradition by bringing some of the outdoors in. Crafting a wreath from what you find outside whether that’s twigs, a sprig or two of holly, a branch of a fir, a fern leaf, sage or rosemary or any other green plants you have in your garden, can be a fantastic and eco-friendly alternative to a plastic wreath. Plus, you’ll get a different one each year, and a family tradition can grow from the craft and fun of doing it!


Paper Snowflakes

A Christmas paper snowflake

Whether it’s old bills sent through the post, you accidentally printing off the wrong document, a phone directory, old wrapping paper or newspapers, we’ve all got plenty of used paper, which when you save from the recycling bin or fire, can make the perfect Christmasy addition to any room or tree! Hang them from the ceiling, along your bannisters or on your door handles for an extra special festive touch.


Cinnamon Hearts

Cinnamon Hearts

The smell, taste and look of cinnamon scream Christmas and these homemade treats tick all of those festive boxes! Following a simple recipe (a quick Google search will find one), with minimal ingredients; applesauce, cinnamon and a little glue, a bit of creativity and patience, and you can create a set of unique and alternative Christmas baubles for your tree! If hearts aren’t for you, why not switch the cutters to something you prefer? Whether it’s a star or Christmas tree shape, we’re sure they will look beautiful!


Hand Sewn Christmas Icons

Handmade Christmas decorations

So many of us have a bag lying around the house full of clothes which we intend on taking to the charity shop or to be recycled. Before doing so, dig out anything that reflects the festive colours of red, green or white, and save them for the upcoming season. You can spend a few hours putting together your very own custom Christmas characters and shapes. From Father Christmas, the gingerbread man, a snowman or any of the associated objects such as stars and sugar canes, or Christmas trees and angles, these are the perfect addition to any home.


Christmas Reindeer

Handmade Christmas decorations

If you have all of the equipment you need to cut the rounds of wood, then these Christmas Reindeer are simple and affective additions to your Christmas decorations! You can leave them rustic with the saw edge visible, or you can sand them off for a polished finish. Grab a few pens, and decorate to your heart’s content! We recommend drilling a hole in the top so that they can also be hung on your tree.


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