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why eco-pods are the next big thing for the glamping market

Glamping has come a long way in the decade of its existence. Originally originating as a joke towards the high-income travellers wanting to camp but not willing to part with their luxuries, glamping developed into a serious holiday accommodation option, and firmly cemented itself within the camping industry in just a couple of years. This was down to a few factors, including income rises that allowed customers to spend a little extra on their staycations and the importance of unique locations and trips which glamping properties offer. In addition, the expanse of glamping can be credited, in part, to the development of social media and the encouragement of sharing unique travel experiences.

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Now, glamping is beloved by a number of people, regardless of age or gender. Glamping is a serious trend that is ticking a lot of boxes for travellers of all types, with nature-lovers able to stay alongside Britain’s diverse wildlife, families spending quality time together and young travellers able to partake in a unique experience to document socially.

In the last couple of years, ecotourism has gained a lot of interest from travellers across the globe, with the World Tourist Organisation forecasting that the ecotourism market will be the fastest growing segment in the tourist industry until 2020.

This is great news for the glamping sector, particularly when it is coupled with the fact that wildlife-watching holidays are increasing in popularity in Britain. This can be partly credited to more media coverage around conservation and wildlife observations within the UK, with programmes like Springwatch and Planet Earth II adjusting mainstream views towards the unknown and exciting natural world of Britain. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why tourists looking to get close to nature are so interested in glamping abodes because it’s essentially on your doorstep!

In addition, the media has also been reporting more on individuals who have been opting for more eco-friendly homes and structures. A national fascination in sustainable living has grown, with individuals looking at ways they can adjust their lifestyles, including their holiday choices, to partake in more eco-friendly habits.

Recent innovations have also propelled eco-pod offerings, with fully functional, transportable and sustainable pods readily available globally for those wanting to utilise their land. Whilst potential customers only have to Google ‘glamping’ to be presented with countless imagery of interesting eco-pods options, or take to Instagram to see their favourite travel bloggers and peers experiencing eco-pods for themselves. Many travellers can expect to read more about these glamping structures, and it will be no surprise if they want to experience it for themselves.

This year, the 70s are back and here to stay for a while! The vintage movement is influencing every aspect of life, from fashion to interior design, and what else epitomises the 70s than the circular architecture of the eco-pods? Holiday rentals that have been created or restored using retro inspiration are gaining popularity, with no signs of stopping as we head into 2018. Not only do they offer pleasing aesthetics that make for great holiday snaps, but offer those looking for an escape from the reality and stresses of the modern-day a simpler way of life, even if it is for a couple of days! It comes as no surprise to us here that eco-pods will increase in customer interest, and accommodation operators that can offer all of this will see high demand from customers.

If you’re an owner, or potential owner, of eco-pods and want to find out more about this glamping trend and how to market your property, get in touch with our team today!

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