Plans that had previously been shelved that would allow for the Eden Project to create a geothermal energy plant onsite look to be back on the table once again, with news that they have applied for an EU grant have the work undertaken after all.

A close up of the Eden Project geo-domes near glamping Devon abodes with Quality Unearthed

While planning permission for the project was originally gained some five years ago, in 2010, the campaign was put on hold provisionally as there was a lack of available funds to support the project.

Nevertheless, the good news is that it has now been reported the attraction, which is a popular attraction for guests in our glamping Devon abodes, has applied for funding from the EU’s £12m regeneration fund for Cornwall, that would see the project completed.

The process involved in the works would see the drilling of a number of holes go three miles deep into the granite under one of the attraction’s car parks. Once the holes were in place water will be pumped into them, and naturally heated by the Earth to a temperature of around 180°C, due to the fact that the Eden Project has been built over a fault line.

The steam produced as a result would in turn power turbines that can provide enough energy for all the Eden Project’s requirements, as well as providing sufficient extra power for as many as 4,000 homes via the National Grid.

Additionally, there are plans in the pipeline that would see a host of businesses in a ‘heat park’ that would function through the use of the energy from the plant. Businesses that are being consideration currently consist of a medical centre to treat patients suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, greenhouses to grow fruit and vegetables, a fish farm for species that require warm water, catfish and tropical prawns for example, and even a laundry service!

The plant, which would be only the second of its kind in the UK, will take an estimated three years to complete, and will help to contribute significantly to the UK’s plans for a secure energy future.

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