A Kickstarter campaign has been initiated which the intention of establishing a global network of wildlife sound monitoring stations.

A colourful bird similar to the kind of wildlife spotted from our treehouse holidays UK

The Automated Remote Biodiversity Monitoring Network (ARBIMON), who are working in conjunction with a series of partners located across the globe, will record and log the sounds of wildlife from all over the world to create one database.

The work that will be carried out is a vital one, as by monitoring the sounds of frogs, birds, mammals and insects, scientists can learn a huge amount about the biodiversity of a particular location and how species’ populations and activities have the potential to alter through time. This is something that can then be shared to educate others once the data has been produced, as well as eventually developing conservation strategies that can be set in place to help protect and maintain wildlife within the world’s most unique ecosystems.

Software and hardware has been developed over the past ten years by Sieve Analytics that enables the monitoring of animal sounds.

By using just an Android phone covered by a waterproof case, along with a small solar panel, a microphone and a cellular data plan, the company’s staff care is able to monitor acoustic activity, frog chirps, birds tweeting, and planes flying overhead, for example, all in real-time. Each new piece of information is then added and stored with existing data that is then analysed in Sieve Analytics’ cloud-based ARBIMON II platform.


The long-term goal

The teams working on the project is to gather invaluable information which has been generated by these stations located around the world providing nothing short of priceless data for the science and conservation sectors. And it’s not just the scientists and conservationists who can benefit either. Students, birders, naturalists and even those on treehouse camping trips with an opportunity to listen to the sounds of nature from sites all around the world.

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