You may or may not have heard of Charlie and Meg’s Roundhouse. You may or may not be aware of the structural delight they, along with a collection of some exceptionally skilled friends created. But we’re hoping that, after reading this, you will be as excited with their recent good news as we are.

Charlie and Meg’s roundhouse an example of day-to-day glamping in Pembrokeshire -Quality Unearthed

Originally built in 2011 Charlie and Meg have enjoyed life in their countryside home, but since 2013 have been in locked in a battle over whether they would be granted permission to allow them to keep the magnificent roundhouse they built on Charlie’s family’s land.

Fortunately, they were told that they could keep the roundhouse they built in north Pembrokeshire without planning permission.

Charlie Hague and Megan Williams built their home prior to the birth of their son Eli, but it wasn’t long before the officials from Pembrokeshire County Council issued an enforcement notice to pull it down.

Following the couple’s application for retrospective planning permission being turned down by Pembrokeshire County Council, the pair’s hopes rested solely on the conclusion of a Welsh Government appeal, which hinged on their hobbit-style abode meeting stringent One Planet Development (OPD) policy guidelines.

Watch an insightful video of the wondrous roundhouse that will now, fortunately, remain erect, here:

The amazing roundhouse has been previously described as one of the finest examples of natural building in the entire United Kingdom. In May of this year, Charlie and Megan offered the case for their exceptionally crafted self-built eco home. They explained to the hearing that both Charlie and Megan, who were both born and bred in Pembrokeshire, could not afford to buy a property locally, and so decided to make a home for themselves.

Finally, their case was adjourned with Charlie and Meg being awarded the result they were looking for. “We have been granted planning permission!!!!” they proclaimed on social media.

The happy couple added that they wanted to say “Thank you for all your support.”

As you can imagine with such a high-profile case the post promptly brought hundreds of comments from supporters and well-wishers who have been involved or kept a keen eye on the couple’s battle for the existence of their remarkable home.

It is a dream for some of us who us who go on UK glamping holidays as a way to experience this kind of roots-inspired living to live in this kind of magical abode permanently. Luckily for Charlie, Meg and son Eli, they can now live happily ever after in their very own fairy tale home in the beautiful surroundings of the Pembrokeshire countryside.


Image: YouTube via Living in the Future

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