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five beaches to get the some great surfing from while glamping in cornwall

October and Cornwall glamping trips are simply superb for those who want to go for a surf! Not only are the award-winning beaches and waters here less busy as the summer holidays are over, but the surf is generally better and the water is at its warmest too. Cornwall has a wealth of great beaches to get out on the water and here are five of the best for you to consider:

Towan Beach, Newquay

Towan beach is the probably the least talked about beach in the whole of Newquay given its well-known neighbours- the likes of Fistral for example. Towan is a great beach in its own right though, and when it’s mid tide it’s just lovely for the beginner. Enjoy an effortless paddle out via the harbour past the break water as the surf breaks off the harbour wall. You can expect to enjoy a not overly powerful break that rarely finds itself getting crowded due to the fact that only certain conditions bring the waves to this beach- but when it does it’s just perfect for beginners and novices alike.

Gwithian near St Ives


Gwithian is a nice quiet spot set in the middle of nowhere near St Ives. Gwithian is the friendlier, slightly tamer younger relative of Godrevy. You can get to the water with access through the dunes. This beach offers safe waters with very infrequent rips of any risk. A bonus of this beach comes via the space it has. There’s simply plenty of it for everyone to learn the sport and you won’t have to worry about getting in anyone’s way. More experienced surfers will tend to stay over at the Godders break, leaving Gwithian exclusively for the enthusiastic beginner to practice their new-found skills.


Perranporth is a hive of beach-going activity for visitors to the area in the summer months and with these. Perranporth is great in that it will usually offer up 5 to 6 peaks at any one time which mean there are opportunities aplenty for people to the sport. This is a lovely beach for the all the family to enjoy and has everything you could want to fulfil your quest to catch the perfect wave.

Harlyn Bay

Harlyn beach is unique in that it is one of the few North facing beaches in Cornwall that provides beginner-appropriate waves. Harlyn will pick up a nice and tidy 2-4 foot onshore wave that packs a bit of a punch as the set rolls into the bay. The best time to catch a wave here is when mid-tide is falling in the first part of the day, so check your tide times for the time you’re visiting. It’ll work to your advantage to get there at the right time to beat the keen wave riders making their way to this break.


Polzeath is the perfect location for great views from the cliff top and is always popular with tourists. It’s a beautiful beach with a variety of waves that vary from small and choppy to large and hefty. Its best you consult the forecasts first on to ensure that you don’t end up getting in the water on a day that is beyond your ability or on a completely flat day when you could be catching some waves elsewhere. Polzeath does provide a beach that could be mistaken for somewhere out of the west coast of the United States, and it really is a beach to enjoy.

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