Glamping 5 Common mistakes | Camping Luxury Advice Book Food Cooking Lighting | Quality Unearthed WalesWe’re the experts here at Quality Unearthed and we know there are some things you just shouldn’t do when you head off on holiday.

So we thought you’d share them with you here on our blog, so when you go glamping in Wales or at any of our other amazing locations, you don’t do the wrong thing.

1 Relying on a campfire or BBQ for cooking

This is a common mistake, because unfortunately, the weather sometimes doesn’t play ball.

Most of our glamping properties come with other method of cooking, like internal agas or small stoves, so you can’t get this one wrong with us.

2 Doing a Heston

Before heading off on a glamping trip it’s a good idea to plan what you’ll eat, but don’t go too over the top!

Confit duck with fondant potato and a red wine reduction might sound delicious, but will you be able to cook that up in a small space without a fully equipped kitchen?

We recommend sticking to ‘one pot’ dishes, like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s delicious tomato, aubergine and chickpea roast.

3 Being too basic in the bedroom

While our luxury glamping tents are luxurious and cosy, they can sometimes get cool at night.

That’s why we recommend packing your PJs and not packing too light to save space and weight!

4 Not having lighting

Although our properties mostly have electric and candles provided, the great outdoors isn’t the most well-lit of places to stay.

So even though our glamping yurts, tents and treehouses are brightly lit, getting to them might mean spending some time in the dark.

That’s why we recommend packing a torch!

5 Forgetting a good book

Sometimes the weather decides to ply tricks on us, like raining during a week when there’s wall to wall sun forecast.

That’s why we always recommend packing a good read, as you never know whether you’ll want to spend a day lazing around in a cosy location, or lying in the sun, with a good novel for company.

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