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five on screen treehouses that captured many a generation

I love treehouses, you love treehouses, and treehouse’s are generally just amazing right? But when did we first fall in love with treehouses? Was it as a child when you were fortunate enough to have one in your own garden or were you the adventurous type who went and built one in the local woods in secret?

Well for me, I longed to have a treehouse as a child and never had the chance to build one so it wasn’t until I went on the first of my many treehouse holidays that I got to truly appreciate the magic they bring.

Return Of The Jedi Treehouse | Treehouse HolidaysEven though I didn’t get to play/stay in a treehouse until I was older I still watched television and admired those amazing structures in some of the coolest films I enjoyed watching.

Here’s my list, see if you agree and enjoy the nostalgia!


Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring | LOTR Lothlorien Treehouse | Treehouse Glamping

The forest homes of Lothlorien that Galadriel and her elf kin reside in are undoubtedly the most picturesque on the list. Those treehouses are perfect for getting in touch you’re your spiritual side and they give offer an air mystical wonder. Definitely something to live in forever!

The Simpsons
Bart Simpson's Treehouse | A Treehouse Holiday Destination You Might Think Twice About

Surely the most iconic animated treehouse to ever grace our TV screens? The Simpsons appeal to a full range of age ranges and there’s something for everyone. But Bart’s treehouse is your classic example of a traditional back garden build. It looks like it could tumble town in bits at any time but think of the stories Bart will be able to tell as a result of spending so much time in there with his friends. Good job no one can get injured in cartoons eh?

The Swiss Family Robinson
Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse | Amazing Treehouse Holiday Destination | If Only It Were Real

Arguably the finest example of a permanent treehouse abode suitable for human existence to ever be seen on screen. Not as iconic as Bart Simpson’s but far more desirable in every aspect. This superb treehouse has everything you need and is the perfect example. Some say that it was a travesty to turn Disneyland’s Swiss Family Robinson Tree House into a Tarzan-themed attraction.

Ernest: Ernest Scared Stupid
The Treehouse From The Set Of  Ernest | Ernest Scared Stupid Treehouse

This treehouse featured in the fifth “Ernest” film and it was awesome. It looks like something made from the leftovers from an A-Team mission but it is an architectural masterpiece.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Return Of The Jedi Treehouse | Treehouse Holidays

The Ewoks knew how to build a treehouse. Granted that it might be a bit of a squeeze to get into these as a fully grown human being but nevertheless they knew what they were doing and I’m sure they inspired builders across the world to construct some of the treehouses that exist today.

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